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Date of Birth and Age

We use several target groups for different ages (for example 18-25, 30plus, 50plus) therefore we require a solid way how to categorize the age of a contact. Furthermore, this would allow to send Birthday-Mails or to set task for a call.


Date of Birth

We have difficulties in using a data field in a form as the calendar for selection starts today. That means a lot of scrolling for the client.

a Hubspot-Standard Date of Birth Data Field that consists of 3 elements: day, month, year. Ideally, elements can be hidden in a Form (to display only the birth year for example)



A calculated field that displays the age of a contact in years (based on the birthday). Agerange should be selected for Contact Lists or Workflows. So we may target all contacts in the age of 18-25.


I am looking forward to hear from this update




Michael Eck

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HI MichiEck


Just seeing if you have found a solution for your problem? We are having s similar issue as we are trying to searh for all members (4,000 of them) who had a birthday in a particular month so we can send them birthday cards, but it does not allow us to search who had a birthday in the month of March for example.


It seems to only search for the actual date they were born, which would be a massive task if we had to do that for every month.




Hi Jason

Thanks for your message, no, I have not heard anything yet. Regards



Please add this. It's important to sales!

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This would be great, we constantly have contacts just setting their year as the current year



Please add this!


Please add this, we are having similair problems. 


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Hi team, we've just solved this for a client!

We're running tests now.

More soon.




Yes we need this!  

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Kia ora @FlyingKiwi 


We finsihed the new version in the weekend – it's ready to deploy.


Any chance we could have a chat ?


I'm assuming you're in NZ, or have you flown overseas?


Keen to learn more about how you use the Age and or Birthday.


Feel free to send me a message with your calendar link.








We need this! Has anyone found any workaround in the meantime?


I need it to. 

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Yep, we've seen similar issues and it would be great if we had more control in HubSpot of organizing ages based on birthday. Our only solution is that we typically create a custom property with a date picker and then use another custom calculation property to add days from the date to generate an age number. Then we can filter pretty decently, but it's a fair amount of leg work for something that should be more simple.


Similarly, we actually created a module that acts as a verification gate for any HubSpot Website or Landing Page. We use a custom cookie that you can control to block the page until the opt-in and verify they're over 21. Have a look if this sounds like something that might be useful to you:


Happy HubSpotting!


We also need this! Hope they can come up with something soon


Hi all,


What I did to create age brackets for demographic targeting was to create active lists that looked at a property for Birthday. I've got this data as a date picker property, so it gives me MM/DD/YYY.


Because HubSpot's filter for dates MORE than and LESS than do not use months or years, but days and weeks, I had to figure out how many weeks would be in a given number of years lived. I created a spreadsheet to calculate how many weeks would be in years starting at 18. So,

  • 18 * 52 = 936 
  • 25 * 52 = 1,300

Knowing this info all the way out to age 65 (we have an older customer base), I created active lists for each of the age brackets I wanted to have by filtering for:

  • Birthday is MORE than 936 weeks ago AND
  • Birthday is LESS than 1,300 weeks ago

This gives me an age bracket of 18-24. To do the others, I started at the previous list's LESS than number, which gives me the year following.


Of course, to do all this, you need to have data for birthdates as a date picker property. 


And all of that being said... yeah, it'd be wicked easier if there was a calculated age property!

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That's some great info! We may try a version of that for a use case when it comes up. Thanks for sharing!



Cool, @jessebeginbound - let me know how it goes!


I need this as well. We are a financial planning and tax advisory firm. Folks are eligible for certain programs or changes based on age - rollovers available at age 59.5, RMDs at age 72, insurance spikes on major birthdays, etc.


AT LEAST 50% of our marketing revolves around age and birth date. The current Calculation property cannot read or use the date picker field so that's no help either.


We are new users and are on the Professional plan for all services. We had no idea this wasn't possible with Hubspot and it severely limits our use of the platform.


Hi @cjrhoads 


Yes, natively, it'd be really helpful to have that. Totally feel you there. That said, I'm pretty sure the other platforms I've used don't have it either. 


So, knowing this, I'm including my spreadsheet of weeks per year to help all y'all create lists for ages by week. If you're looking for a way to trigger an email at age 72.5, for example, you'd create an active list and filter for:

  • Your birthday property (whatever it's called)
  • In the list of ways to filter, choose "is more than"
  • 72.5 years is equal to 3,770 weeks, so you'd enter that as the value
  • Ensure the time selection is "weeks" and "ago" is set

This gives you an Active list that adds users when that condition becomes true. If you want to send an email on the day that becomes true, set up a workflow and the enrollment would simply be "when a users joins the 72.5 years old list". If you wanted to start that sending six months in advance, set up a list for when they turn 72, and then do te delays in your workflow until they're 72.5.


It's not native, but it's definitely doable!







Thank you very much! This actually works decently for Lists, but I would still love to see an Age field as a Property on the record.


We would like the Automatic Age generator based on the DOB given, as we would like to send Happy Birthday emails etc and would love to have it personalised based on the age.