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Date-filters: Improve Options Across all of Hubspot [Master Idea]

Idea: Make all Date-filters available everywhere they are relevant.



Hubspot is missing date-filters in multiple places and is not consistent (i.e. different date-filters are available at different places) about them. This issue drastically reduces the power of filters, reports, automation and marketing, etc. Fixing that would be high impact, it's a core platform feature, with impact on all products.


There has been 15+ ideas on the forum about missing date-filters for filters, reports, lists, workflows, ... everything. Those ideas were at first aimed to request one date-filter in one place. This master idea aims at grouping all smaller ideas, giviing visibility to this "Date-filters" issue and getting it prioritized as one overall review of "Date-filters" across Hubspot. Because the only solution is for Hubspot to fix Date-filters everywhere, by working just on that.


Things currently not possible on Hubspot (i.e. use cases):

1/ Filter contacts with last activity is more than 10 days ago

2/ Filter deals with a close date that is in the past

3/ Build Report on Deals with last activity is more than 30 days ago

I want to give my sales team a filter of contact not contacted since 14 days. I am expecting to go to contact and to save a filter but the Date-filter required to do that is missing.

4/ Build List of Contacts with customer/deal who expire in the next 30 days

5/ Build List of Contacts with deal created last week.




I've been comparing all Date-filters and noticed there are 11 types of Date-filters currently available on Hubspot (see screenshot below). The issue is that those Date-filters are randomly available on:

- Contact WF but not Deal WF

- on List but not on Report

- on Dashboard but not Contact Table

Etc. There seems to be no logic and that this is just the results of features coming one after the other while Date-filters never receiving focus as one topic.


This feature request is not about creating new Date-filters but only about making all the ones currently existing available everywhere, it is relevant to have them. In a nutshell, that means turning all Red cells below to Green.




Some of the smaller ideas this master idea is grouping under one roof.

2017, Use 'relative' dates for enrolling contacts and companies in workflows by @Daniel1 

2017, Allow the use of relative dates in workflow... by @CCasemore (marked delivered but that's not fully the case)

2017, Filter using relative date values ("TODAY" etc.) by @Frank 

2017, Lead scoring - Add the option to refine... by @laurao93 

2018, Sales workflows deal properties based on dates by @Peter-marketing 

2019, More than filter for report timeframe by @krispag 


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Idea Submitted
February 22, 2022 01:21 PM

In Planning
April 16, 2020 04:34 AM

Thanks everyone for the feedback on this review and thanks @VagaeNatus for such a detailed dive into underlying issues of filtering. We are in the process of reworking the "wiring" of our filter system at which point we will be able to solve many of the issues you have outlined. As we roll out improvements I will keep this idea up to date. 

Being Reviewed
April 13, 2020 01:31 PM

Hi, there.


My name is Davis and I'm a product manager on the reporting team here at HubSpot. As @VagaeNatus pointed out, there are a lot of inconsistencies with what filtering is available where in the tool.


I wanted to let you all know this is something we've been reviewing and are actively planning to improve across HubSpot. Thank you all for your help.


Sincere regards,


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Wow! This table is amazing. I was trying to figure out how to make company date filters match the contact date filters in a contact-based workflow. I realise I can now just switch to a company-based workflow. 


Thanks so much! 


(Please Hubspot - fix these inconsistencies!). 


@VagaeNatus thanks for the detailed work.


I'd like to also have the "entered stage date" properties exposed, as we seem to inconsistently be able to pull them into segment / Google BigQuery. Some deals are returning null values even though the deal actually has moved through various stages.


Having access to this data would be extremely important for cohort-based performance/conversion rate analysis.





This is definitely needed. Being able to score companies based on date fields being "more than X ago" or "less than X ago" is huge for us.

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+1 from me, lots of positives from this idea.

I'd like to add a use case for number properties within lists.


  • Number contains X
  • Number begins with X
  • Number ends with X
  • Number is between X and Y
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@bkeller thanks for the update. This is very much needed and will save us a lot of time!

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Keen to see these inconsistencies fixed. Look forward to more updates.


Hubspot Product Team,

It has been 18 months since this was posted and on two occassions you have noted a change coming, fix, or otherwise confirmation that what you have today is broken, outdated, or needs improvement.


It would be nice that you update your customers/community on a regular basis with perhaps an actual DATE of which you expect to deliver these promises/expectations.


Reporting is one of the low points of this product, and having a better more robust reporting engine and filters is key for managers to monitor performance.


Appreciate someone taking some time to respond.

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Hi all!

I think it will be pretty useful as well to be able to filter by a specific day of the week or a specific month; all in lists, workflows, and reports.


FIltering is critical for my business and I need an easy way to ensure we are reaching out to contacts more than 1X per day for certain types of communication. 


I absolutely need consistent filterning options and the ability to suppress people who were already contacted today in general with marketing emails or against specific emails. 


This is great - agree this area is so limited in HubSpot.  We moved from Salesforce and love so much in HubSpot although really need to be able to create lists or even views that allow the user to use properties from associated deals, companies or contacts for columns, rather than having to create duplicate properties and write workflows.

Its so simple - If we can create a list using properties from deals, contacts, companies we should be able to also have assess to be shown in the coloumns.  As well as then having the columns set when sharing.

This part of HS is so far behind and taking up sooo much time.


Great post. I would also like to have rolling date filter based on month

At the moment I can filter for 

- this/last month

- this/last quarter

- last 7/14/30 ... days

What I would need is e.g. last 3 months


I can create a "this quarter" report to see Jan/Feb/Mar but in April, I won't be able to compare April to March and Feb. 

So, at the moment each of my reports on the dashboard is duplicated to show this quarter and last quarter. With the "last 3 month" filter I would be able to just have 1 report showing Jan/Feb/Mar now - and Feb/Mar/Apr in April ... 


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I use lists in a lot in reporting and there are some that just don't have a refine-by-date option. This would be very helpful in this (and other) case.


If I build a list that says everyone who has a contact property date of less than 30 days "from now" - is that a rolling date so that "now" changes every day?

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Is there an update to this? I know Entered Stage Date is available in Standard Reports but I need to build a Custom Report to encompass multiple Pipelines and they aren't available there.

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Posting on a customer's behalf:


It'll be a lot more efficient to have a filter option of 'From xxx date' versus the current 'Custom date range' option, in reports like the 'Average deal size over time' report, in the Sales Analytics tool. In doing so, users will not have to go back to the report to continuously update the date range each day/month/year, to keep the report data up-to-date.


While it's possible to set the end date in custom date range to days/months/years in the future, as a workaround, this would mean that the future days/months/years will also be included in the visualization of the report, at present time. Hence, having a 'From xxx date' filter option, would also enable the reports to be more visually appropriate, such that it shows the months on the axis of the report, only when the actual month is in the present time. 


Hi Hubspot team, 

What's the status quo of this idea?


Both from a user perspective as well as from a methodolical perspective, implementing consistent filters across the platform would have a huge impact. Considering the recent launch of the Ops Hub (with a push towards revenue operations best practices), it still seems highly confusing why there is such a high inconsistency across different parts of Hubspot. Filters are a very powerful tool in a SaaS product. However, some features of Hubspot still feel really immature because of this filter product gap.


I do appreciate the general product direction of Hubspot, so thanks for all the cool updates in other parts of the platform. When it comes to filters (especially thinking about reports and workflows), I would love to see faster improvements vs. other features, though.

Best, Jonathan


No updates on this for almost two years. As OP mentioned, incredibly important capability that drastically reduces the power of reporting, automation, etc.

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Any news or updates on this one @dmastin ?  This one has been in planning for a LONG time.


I really need to create a Saved contact filter called "Follow up needed" that would show reps a list of contacts whose Last Activity date is GREATER THAN the last 30 days. So it would only show contacts who haven't had sales activity in more than 30 days. That's not currently possible.



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@JeffSchneider I'm sure you've already done this (I know it would be easier to just have this option available in the view), create a List with these filters then create a view pulling in the contacts on the list.

HubSpot Product Team