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Date-filters: Improve Options Across all of Hubspot [Master Idea]

Idea: Make all Date-filters available everywhere they are relevant.



Hubspot is missing date-filters in multiple places and is not consistent (i.e. different date-filters are available at different places) about them. This issue drastically reduces the power of filters, reports, automation and marketing, etc. Fixing that would be high impact, it's a core platform feature, with impact on all products.


There has been 15+ ideas on the forum about missing date-filters for filters, reports, lists, workflows, ... everything. Those ideas were at first aimed to request one date-filter in one place. This master idea aims at grouping all smaller ideas, giviing visibility to this "Date-filters" issue and getting it prioritized as one overall review of "Date-filters" across Hubspot. Because the only solution is for Hubspot to fix Date-filters everywhere, by working just on that.


Things currently not possible on Hubspot (i.e. use cases):

1/ Filter contacts with last activity is more than 10 days ago

2/ Filter deals with a close date that is in the past

3/ Build Report on Deals with last activity is more than 30 days ago

I want to give my sales team a filter of contact not contacted since 14 days. I am expecting to go to contact and to save a filter but the Date-filter required to do that is missing.

4/ Build List of Contacts with customer/deal who expire in the next 30 days

5/ Build List of Contacts with deal created last week.




I've been comparing all Date-filters and noticed there are 11 types of Date-filters currently available on Hubspot (see screenshot below). The issue is that those Date-filters are randomly available on:

- Contact WF but not Deal WF

- on List but not on Report

- on Dashboard but not Contact Table

Etc. There seems to be no logic and that this is just the results of features coming one after the other while Date-filters never receiving focus as one topic.


This feature request is not about creating new Date-filters but only about making all the ones currently existing available everywhere, it is relevant to have them. In a nutshell, that means turning all Red cells below to Green.




Some of the smaller ideas this master idea is grouping under one roof.

2017, Use 'relative' dates for enrolling contacts and companies in workflows by @Daniel1 

2017, Allow the use of relative dates in workflow... by @CCasemore (marked delivered but that's not fully the case)

2017, Filter using relative date values ("TODAY" etc.) by @Frank 

2017, Lead scoring - Add the option to refine... by @laurao93 

2018, Sales workflows deal properties based on dates by @Peter-marketing 

2019, More than filter for report timeframe by @krispag 


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HubSpot Employee
HubSpot Employee

@VagaeNatus Thank you for organizing this so meticulously! I was just on the phone with a customer that has a similar request and he was able to reference this post to explain the feature he is looking for. I've upvoted this post and hope to see the satus change to "in planning" soon!

Esteemed Contributor

This would help in so many ways, thank you!!

New Contributor

100% agree, great work Smiley Happy