Date based deal workflow


It would be great if you could create a date based deal workflow.

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Please update the Workflow field to include the 'Center on a Date Property' on non-Contact Workflows, specifically Company and Deal fields at the very least.

Since the function is focused on the property rather than the field itself, and attaching emails to certain contacts is also based upon a property rather than the Contact field itself, and also considering that delay timeframes are available for delaying when a process is triggered going To a date, I see no reason why this From date centric function cannot be implemented to the Company or Deal fields. This would surely fix a lot of problems for a multitude of workers who focus their notifications on these other fields.


What exactly do you need to do?

If you need to create a workflow based of a date that is a property inside your deal you can.


@KylieMar I'm wanting to create a workflow that sends an email on the last working day of a month to members of the sales team who still have open deals in the pipeline reminding them to look through their deals and move them into next month/ adjust percentages/ close them.


Currently I have a date based workflow set up and an internal email notification going being sent on the 28th Feb to any of the sales team who have deals on the pipeline on the 28th Feb.  Very open to suggestions though!


OK you are looking for omething similar to me... when you post your idea try to give as much information as possible, otherwise you wont get any votes. 


Heaps of ppl are submitting ideas for something similar to what we want but based of a date that is a field property which can already be done. which is why its important to be clear. 

I have submitted this idea, jut yesterday if you want to upvote it, i think it would solve your problem to.


Create Center on a date or Center on a date property deal-based workflows to center your workflow actions on a calendar date or date date property. This allows you to schedule and execute workflow actions relative to a specific date.


second this - would be hugely helpful!


@ChristianE If you read my question and @alice2  answer you will see she needs it to be based on Deal not contact. So the link you provided is useless.


I agree. I added a deal expiration date in my deals and it feels pretty absurd not to be able to automate around this.


This is critical for my team as they are prompted automatically to fill in this deal property when the deal is closed. With the current workaround provided by support, my team would need to go into a contact and add the date at the contact level. It's just not functional and really compromises our data integrity.


Is there any update to this functionality? Simply put we need to be able to create date deal based workflows.






From what i´ve heard, this is possible only for Contacts.   😕

It would be great to have rolling dates such as "today", "yesterday", to trigger a Deal workflow.




We are a real estate firm and have certain contract date deadlines. I would love to be able to have tasks and internal/external emails fire based on a date picker deal record property. That way we can automate alerts/tasks to sales agents while also keeping clients informed.


Definetly needed. Especially to work with the Close date of a deal. So to enroll deals that are closed "today" a permanent flow always picking up deals that are meeting thos criteria...

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Hi team,

Commenting for a customer here

Are we able to get this up soon? Seeing that we already have one for contact workflow thanks!


Yes, we really need this update for deal-based workflows. This would greatly impact our team's automated communication with customers! We focus primarily on reaching out to customers based on deal status, engagement, and dates.

Unfortunately, right now are forced to push deal info to contacts in a very specific way and it would be way more efficient (and accurate) if we could have a date-centered deal-based workflow.