Date-based Smart CTAs

I'd love to do smart CTAs based on the date. I have a temporary promo that I am running (a free download for my clients to use at Easter). After Easter, I'd love the downloads to go back to normal.


Is there a way to set Smart CTAs that expire and will revert to the lead-based levels?

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That would actually be helpful for solving this challenge:


We're setting up a webinar that will recur 3x/week  for the next month and we'll be promoting it over the next three weeks.  I'd prefer one COS landing page for the duration of the campaign. Hubspot forms only work for a single date/time instance of a webinar.  Date-restricted CTAs would allow us to us to set up a single landing page with 12 smart CTAs, which would hide webinars that have already passed and not show webinars too far in the future.


Maybe I'm overthinking this.