Date and Time Stamping Needed for Custom Properties


My team is trying to track how many of our leads are being contacted by our sales reps after they MQL. There isn't a Hubspot default "First Attempted Sales Contact Date" property, so we made one that is powered by a workflow—date stamping when "Number of Times Contacted" is greater than 0. 


Ideally, we would be able to compare Hubspot's default "Became an MQL Date" to our custom "First Attempted Sales Contact Date" in a list by using the filter logic "abc property is before property xyz" to track the contact rate of our reps, but because you can't custom date stamp and time stamp, HS needs a full day between those values to pass before the list logic works. 


This is a huge limitation of functionality as HS default properties can pull in date and time values for properties like "Time Last Seen" and Last Activity Date." We need this to be rolled out to custom properties too 🙌