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Can Hubspot please create other options for a date picker? I have had numerous complaints about the date picker that Hubspot offers - many people have issues and don't want to click all the way back to their year. I have even put a note under the date picker explaining what to do and people still have issues. There should be an option for people to enter in a format of MM/DD/YYYY - people usually do this for other platforms. I think this is an easy fix and should be offered. 



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  • double-click on the property (as opposed to clicking 1x on the drop-down arrow)
  • A cursor will appear and you can type your date.  Hit Return.


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This isn't working for me. I see the cursor but it won't let me type any numbers. 


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This is a critical issue. Hubspot says you can type into this field now, but it doesn't work in any of the browsers I've tested, even with double-clicking.

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Totally agree. It's not working for me either. 



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Having the option to presnet different formating for dates is a basic requirement from a system which suppose to be global and support different localizations. 

The forms which holds a date picker roperty are being used both in Europe and US. Dates are presented differently in each region. It is mandatory to have the option to customize the formating of the dates. Just to explain how critical it is, in Europe the dates format is DD/MM/YYYY while in US it is MM/DD/YYYY. 

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ditto, we get fairly regular feedback, something like "why do I have to click so many times to get to my date" even though we put clear instructions.


I suggest two things

1) remove the navigation triangles, thereby forcing peopel to click ON the year/month to bring up the picker

2) use a :hover attibute on the year/month for visual feedback, like it does when you roll your mouse over a day in the picker.

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My sales team is having this issue now. When out recruiting we have the birthday field on our forms and it slows downs entries, thereby causing us to lose leads.  This field should have the option for freeform entry of mm/dd/yyyy, or there should be drop down fields for month, year and date. The calendar picker is horrible and it is worse for android tablets which is what our sales team uses

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It is ridculous that this option is not available

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We have the same problem, our main countries are in europe and the age of our average customers is 45 - 70. Impossible to explain, how they should type-in the date properly and its also very userunfriendly to click 120 times backwards to go 10 years back.


Our solution... I create one dropdown for day, one for month and one for year and add the properties manually.


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+1 Seems crazy that this can't be localized to the user or an option on the date field.


The only way I have found a way to make it more usable is to unhide the select boxes for Month and Year using CSS overrides, at least that way the user can see that the Month and Year are selectable via select boxes.