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Last week we experienced a situation where our data become duplicated and thereby corrupt.  Hubspot had to issue a fix, however our data remains comprimised.


We need an automated backup process so in the future we are able to recover the information that was missing.

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@palves @JoyHanawa @markjnor - We're developing a tool right now exclusively/specifically for Hubspot called Hubackup. We should have the MVP ready by the end of the month for testing! 

If you'd like to BETA TEST that would be awesome. You can shoot us an e-mail to us:

We see the need for this and are all over bringing  a solution to market! 

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@chrisasmith Just clearing out old emails and found yours. This tool looks just what we've been looking for and we could fit within the free price option too. Many thanks!

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I think a backup and restore point is an essentual tool and available in just about every toher platform.  Here is my suggestion:


  • Give admin's the ability to "Create a Backup & Restore Point"
  • Set a limit of time where that backup & restore point is able to be used
  • Allow the admin to revert all data back to that point in time

This would allow a staff member or novice to attempt a massive import or data update and if it goes badly, simply reverse their mistake.  


Added feature: provide the admin with some information on what was changed between the "create backup" and "reverting back" so that they could possibly add this back into the system. 


For my purposes, this type of backup, restore would always be same day.  


My company is working to extend our product's automated backup and rollback capabilities to HubSpot, and would really like to understand the use cases that users in the ecosystem have. HubSpot is quite a vast platform with lots of different types of data and different versioning and rollback scenarios - any recommendations on how to prioritize to best serve the community would be really helpful!  Message me anytime at if interested to have a discussion. 


For reference - Rewind is a leader in backup/rollback for cloud apps like Shopify, Quickbooks and MailChimp. Over 20,000 customers have trusted Rewind to backup their critical data including Shopify's largest customers and brands like Hasbro and P&G.