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Database Backups

Last week we experienced a situation where our data become duplicated and thereby corrupt.  Hubspot had to issue a fix, however our data remains comprimised.


We need an automated backup process so in the future we are able to recover the information that was missing.

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Good morning all,


We are fresh in the HS community and started building and filling our HS recently. One of our first questions was "what about back up in case of emergency" For now HS doesn't provide in any kind of back up, but we highly recommend that they will in the near future.





In speaking with an IT team, they told me to ask this specific question: How can I create full automated backups to satisfy our disaster recovery and/or business continuity plan?




Definitely would like this - it's a requirement of a data security standard that we're working towards, that we have a backup solution for all of our data.


Hello all!

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 Here at Rewind, we're building automated Hubspot backup. If needed, you'll be able to restore your Hubspot account to any point in time. 

Here's more information:

I'll be happy to hear more about your needs when it comes to HubSpot back up and give you early access. Please contact me at maria.korolenko[at]





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That is great @mariakorr. We are already a rewind partner and leverage it on all our shopify builds.  Now, this shouldnt get HubSpot off the hook, this is one of my core problems with where the software has gone in the last three-five years.  Its move from software to platform means that the software doesn't have as strong of features as it used to have.  This is a great example, it should be a native backup at their pricepoints, not an app.


With that said, rewind is a great app and we will leverage it on our client portals.


Should be similar to GoogleSuite where you can "revert back to previous edits" - maybe not each edit but perhaps revert back to a previous day


The feature is still missing 4 years later!


can not believe this is NOT an option. 

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2019 i couldn't believe there was no backup.  Last year, still no backup tool.  Now, no backup.  Third enterprise project in three years where no backup solution OR recommended marketplace app.  Name another enterprise SAAS solution with no backup solution.  


This is top priority for us too. I need a backup solution for our HS website. HubSpot please sort this out.


@jschroeffel You put my frustration with HubSpot into the perfect words: "Name another enterprise SaaS solution with no backup solution" - I find it aggregious that HubSpot markets their solution as "Enterprise-level," charges premium subscription rates, encourages us to build all our processes and data into their platform and then can't, in 2022, provide a basic answer to this question other than "consider 3rd party backup". That was the response to me from HubSpot technical support last month. It's been 5 years since the original post; it would be nice for HubSpot to respond.