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Last week we experienced a situation where our data become duplicated and thereby corrupt.  Hubspot had to issue a fix, however our data remains comprimised.


We need an automated backup process so in the future we are able to recover the information that was missing.

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I second this. An automatic backup tool would be immensely helpful. We have a client for whom we do regular backups of HubDB tables, and a tool that would package up the CSVs for each table within the database and then email it to us would be very valuable.

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I would like to setup auto backup in my website. Is there any way to setup auto backup for all files and database?




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Agree strongly here. Any top CRM has a comprehensive backup available to companies, whether that backup is generated automatically, manually initiated by an admin, or just ready to get pulled on a monthly basis. 

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We have just been discussing the ability to have a backup of our data just in case. Is this possible?

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I agree, there needs to be a more robust back up option.  Especially as many customers of Hubspot use multiple tools - CRM, Marketing, CMS, Service etc.  and have tons of data residing in the system on different levels.

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Yes!  We consider this to be mission-critical data and company policy requires us to have some kind of backup and disaster recovery plan.  

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Joining this thread. An automated back-up of all data across Hubspot would save alot of time. A manual back-up cannot be done in one go, as data is stored in so many different places and is very time consuming.

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Are there any services that would perform this for a fee?  I'm about to roll out some new properties and performing a mass update on my contacts is daunting.  It's even more daunting knowing there's no roll back feature available.  It's nice to be able to restore a deleted contact, but my concern is corrupted data, not deleted data.

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I'm using a tool called Skyvia ( to do automatic backups.  For what I am using it for, it has been free to me thus far.  I dont' have a lot of experience with it yet ... but it does appear to be backing up my information on a regular basis. I've done a few test point restores (without issues), but I've not had need to do any kind of disaster recovery with it.  Maybe I never will ...?

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Thanks @chrisasmith.  I will look into that tool! Free is good.


Edit: I checked it out.  WOW! thanks... this is pretty awesome.