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[Data Sync Request] Statistics on the Data Sync

We're, or at least I'm not, able to see any data on the contacts that are being synced between platforms.


With PieSync, you can see the following:

  • Number of contacts added to HubSpot
  • Number of contacts updated within HubSpot
  • Number of contacts added to the other tool
  • Number of contacts updated within the other tool
  • Number of contacts in sync
  • Number of contacts excluded
  • Number of duplicates
  • Failing syncs and why they failed
  • Overall status of the sync


HubSpot Data Sync doesn't have any of this information, that I know of.


I understand that PieSync will be active until the end of the year but is this on the roadmap to be included within HubSpot Data Sync?


I do see that data is getting synced by going to each tool and comparing data after some period of time. But it feels very MVP atm - which is fine given that it just launched.




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HubSpot Product Team

Hi Darragh! 


Thanks for submitting this idea. We are actually already working on a first version of Health for Data Sync. Stay tuned!



HubSpot Product Team

Agreed! We're also looking for a HubSpot Sync Dashboard - similar to the PieSync Dashboard which is currently available.

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Any update on this? Or alternatively, any good workarounds to determine why something hasn't synced in the meantime?


as above . .any update please  ??

we have been a long time user of cazoomi (for sync between netsuite and  other systems)  - unable in this instance because opportunity sync  not an option  - they provide full audit trail of records processed via a GUI + email  - surprised not an option here.


HubSpot Product Team

Health is now live! You can see it on your data sync connections.