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[Data Sync Request] Mailchimp - missing PieSync functionality

There appears to be essential functionality missing with the current Mailchimp integration that was available within the PieSync integration.


Given that PieSync will no longer exist into 2022, and with this functionality missing on HubSpot, we will no longer be able to deliver the experience that we have been to our clients.


In PieSync, you can sync a HubSpot List over to a Mailchimp Audience list. In HubSpot Data sync, you can not.


One of our workflows:

We've created a customer boolean property know as Is Incident Contact? and we have contacts with this property set to Yes imported into a List on HubSpot called Is Incident Contact


We have set a requirement for a contact sync to be existing within this list, and if so, they will be synced over to a Mailchimp Audience list known as TrueLayer Incident Communications. We, of course, also sync a lot of data over to this list on Mailchimp also.


It appears as though the current Mailchimp integration simply does not have this integration functionality in mind.


Screenshot at May 27 17-01-39.png

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HubSpot Product Team


I hear you. It's not yet as straightforward... 


This is where blending the PieSync universe with the HubSpot UX started the become foggy.


In PieSync you could not only sync, but also transform data.

Right now we've conceptualised Data Sync to be a sole instrument to transfer in, or transfer out, data with other apps. But when it comes to transforming, or 'setting properties', we've currently opted not to bring in that logic. 


Would you be open to use the workflow editor for this? Here's an example - any contact coming over from mailchimp will carry this specific "source drilldown 2" = 236011




Appreciate your quick response.


Workflow only solves a part of our issue. We've already implemented a solution that requires another third-party service to perform logic that PieSync had by means of sending data from HubSpot to this service using Webhooks. It also limits our ability to perform syncs between platforms to every two weeks due to the volume of contacts that need to be in sync.


I obviously have no idea on the underline workings of both PieSync and HubSpot Data Sync but there must be some way to integrate this natively? I'm absolutely positive that we're not the only company that used to use the PieSync integration the way we had.