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Dashboards Private for User Teams

It would be great if there was a way to make Dashboards private for users of a specific team. We have many different teams and we would like it if only users of a specific team could view a dashboard.

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A much-needed change this was indeed; thankfully Hubspot rolled out the upgrade within the last several weeks, although my understanding is that the visibility options are still only in beta and therefore not open to everyone. You can read about those setting more at the bottom of this thread.


As for getting your team access to the beta program, your best bet is to reach out to Maggie Georgieva ( - she should be able to opt your portal into the beta. Hope this helps you and the others on this thread...


@mgeorgieva - looping you in on this thread as well...

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Absolutely. As @NCO mentioned, anyone on this thread who is interested in joining the beta, feel free to shoot me an email.






Maggie Georgieva

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Hi all, 


This feature is now live to HubSpot Enterprise portals!


Enterprise users can to assign specific users and teams to have "view" or "view & edit" permissions on a particular dashboard.  You can learn how to use it here



Sheena Chatterjee