Dashboards Private for User Teams

It would be great if there was a way to make Dashboards private for users of a specific team. We have many different teams and we would like it if only users of a specific team could view a dashboard.

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Make this change Hubspot! Make it happen!

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It will be brilliant if the dashboard can be designed to limit access to specific users.  I believe it's pretty simple to design that. Put it under settings > users & teams> toggle access off/on dashboard reports. If we can limit the access to a specific report that would be even better. Hope that implementation happens soonest. Need it urgently. Thank you Hubspot Team!!!!

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YES yes yes. When is this happening? We need to have the option to either block the dashboard or block specific reports.

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Some of you are looking for ways to make and share reports with only some of your users.  I think upvoting this idea about allowing 1 user to be part of multiple teams would help as well. 


We are a manufacturer with multiple product lines and don't want to clutter our different sales teams dashboards with info about an unrelated product line.  More options on dashboards and teams would really help!

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HubSpot Product Team
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We need this too. 

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Just like Slack and other mediums, it's nice to be able to silo stuff like this!

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More specific, individual permissioning would be better, but this would be a good stepping stone!

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This definatelly necesarry.