Dashboard reports -- need to be able to export them all


I see great reports on the Dashboard, but need to be able to share and communicate them with my team. A simple export to XLS/CSV and PDF would be most useful. The data is there. Just hand it over! 🙂 

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Totally agree. I work on digital strategy and need to communicate great information you are giving to us on hubspot; But It would be practical to have the option to download in order to do this more automatic. Thanks!


Bring on the good stuff....quick exports of the underlying details or also drill down capability like you already have the beginnings of with the HS Test - Productivity report template.  You can do it!


This would be a really useful feature, and should be an easy development to add an export to CSV 


I agree 100%. As well, if it can only be exported into a PDF, it needs to be readable. Because of the names of my Deals and stages, almost all of my information is cut off in the auto-generated reports, rendering them effectively useless. I would love to have Excel to be an option so I can auto email my management cash flow reports.


This is becoming essential now. Please can we have an update?


EU GDPR (data protection) rules coming into effect in Europe from May 2018 requires any data controller (i.e. a company using a CRM like hubspot to record customer interactions) to be able to provide any data subject (a contact or indivdual with data recorded in the CRM) the right to receive a copy of all records held about them should they demand it.

Being able to export any and all data is therefore now an essential LEGAL requirement for use in some territories.


Data export would resolve this as well as meet general reporting needs.

Urgently needed.



Please add our vote that this capability is urgently needed.  The underlying data is there or you wouldn't be able to create the report view.  Just need to be able to export the raw data.  Could HubSpot give a reply as to status?


Totally agree. This needs to be added ASAP! Just crazy this hasn't been picked up by the dev team in the last almost 2 years after this idea has been published!


For example I tried every workaround I could think of and reached out to HubSpot support to just create a simple overview and export (in Excel) of all the meetings and calls sales reps have with their contacts in a specific time frame. With name sales rep, name contact, date of meetings, date of calls. Very basic. The 'My Meetings' dashboard has all this information, but only shows 5 results. Clicking on next you can see other 5 results, and NO option to view and export all data. So the sales reps makes hundreds of meetings and calls, register these in HubSpot, but we don't have any option to create a report on this because we can't export any data. 


Please add this feature ASAP! 



We also think this is essential 👍


Status updated to: Delivered
HubSpot Product Team

Today, exporting dashboards to pdf or ppt file types is possible - please see this knowledge doc more more information. It's also possible to export many individual reports to csv or xlsx. There is still some work in progress with individual report data export capabilities. Please follow along on this thread for updates!