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Dashboard View (view only) for Investors and other (partially) external stakeholders

I wonder how HubSpot and Startups/SMBs report to their different stakeholders.

You surely do not want to give them all access to all data. 


Apparently there is no way to provide a VIEW ONLY Dashboard where you cannot dig into the details of the underlying data. 

Apart from that, providing that VIEW to a person without a Hubspot Account would be highly beneficial.


Simple Example: 

A bar chart with the the total amount of closed deals each month. 

 - It would be nice to make that (that one only) available to our investor board.

 - Ideally they would be able to click into one bar to see the deals behind the total amount - just as we can do as sales or management team members - but then no further deep dive clicks into the Deals themselves.


Same princple to apply basically across all reports and dashboards in HubSpot. 


The reporting and the rights management on the reports and dashboards is shockingly limited. 


Please improve asap.

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This feature is also really important for HubSpot Partner Agencies. Not all of our clients want or are able to share full details of their contacts and deals for security reasons. But there is value in Partner Agencies being able to view and present the number of contacts/deals generated each week/month/year for ROI reporting, without needing to see who the contacts/deals are.


Having the ability to visualise metrics like Total Value of Closed deals by channel over time, enables us to demonstrate the value of a marketing campaign for example.