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The ability to share specific dashboards with specific teams or users. As any company, we have access rights to information as well as programs.  Currently, anyone in the company can see all shared dashboards, unless I keep them private, or I would have to create personal dashboards on each users pc and also manage those dashboards from the user's physical pc/account with any future changes or updates.  This has become an issue here within the ranks because, in essence, a temp employee can see the same information our CEO can see.

Thank you for all your support and future upgrades.   

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You can definitely share dashboards with other team members, but what happens when you are in multiple teams. So for example, as the VP of marketing, I'm in the Marketing team as well as the Executive team. In creating a dashboard to share with my other executives, it seems that it is also shared with all the marketing team members as there is no way to specify which team to share with. 


that would be awesome!

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This is a great idea and something we're looking to accomplish in our org as well. Certain dashboards should only be visible to certain individuals/teams instead of just "Private" or "Shared" with everyone.


At our company we are looking for a solution to display some specialy adjusted dashboard on monitors around our offices. To make this happen we are specifically looking for the option of generating a no-login share link to a specific dashboard. This would enable us to display the dashboard on any monitor without requiring (repeated) login from an actual acount. Basically the same share-url logic (not share with users logic) used by Google Drive, Dropbox and other storage providers.

Example url from Google Drive:



As long has this share url is long and with enough entropy there should be no risk of this url being bruteforced by an outsider.

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Yea this is a no brainer. A dashboard to only share with my direct reports are pretty essential in my opinion. 

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Where are we with this, Hubspot?


Are we getting anywhere with this?


YES! Our clients need this as well. Seems like a no-brainer. 


Please make this change to Dashboards! It would make my life so easy if I could share with specific people or teams.


We're on this train too. We have the reports Add-on and want to set up weekly sales reports for our team and their managers. Currently we need to create 3 dashboards per user - what a pain! 

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Hi team, sharing my customer's use case here. For some companies, there may be certain dashboards created and used by management that they do not want shared with the rest of their employees. With the current feature set, we are not able to restrict viewing permissions to only certain members or certain teams. As there may be sensitive details in these custom curated dashboards, having the ability to set visibility permissions would improve the usability and usefulness of the tool. 

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Hi folks,


Thanks so much for voting for this idea. We're happy to announce that this has entered private beta and we're looking to see if you are interested in trying it out. Please email me if you are interested: mgeorgieva@hubspot.com



Maggie Georgieva

Product Manager

Status updated to: Delivered
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This is now available to in our Enterprise plans. Let me know if you have any questions or feedback.