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Dashboard Landing/Home Page

Wondering if anyone else needs the ability to have a custom landing page, for example with user-selected Dashboards appearing on screen to (1) see all dashboards on screen and (2) be able to quickly click into the dashboard of my choosing, rather than having to use the drop down menu.


The view could be something similar to the look of the dashboard library (when creating a new dashboard - attached screenshot) that is customizable per user and has tiles or listings of each dashboard with a little description.


This would allow me, as a user to create my own dashboard landing page - and setting it as my home page. I could click into the each dashboard from here, opening in a new window, to view the reports in each of those dashboards. Ex: Executives don't just view one or two dashboards daily, they are often toggling between many dashboards. This would allow users to set favorites or build their own custom home page, rather than just selecting an existing general page as the home page.


The screenshot below shows the existing dashboard library for creating NEW dashboards with red text showing potential changes. I think this format would be a fantastic layout idea for a user's custom, frequently-used or favorite dashboards and further to allow individuals to set this as their home page to check each morning or throughout the day. Cards/tiles could even be smaller as the images wouldn't necessarily be needed. Further wishlist would be to pull other areas into a custom home/landing page as well - but I'll just stick with dashboards for now.