Dashboard Filtering by Property

I'm looking to create multiple dashboards, one for each account. Accounts are differentiated by contact property: Company Name. Currently, I have to create a new dashboard each time, then copy every single report within that dashboard, then change the report settings to modify the Company Name filter. 


It would save a significant amount of time if I could 

1. Clone entire dashboards, not just each report

2. Have a filter at the dashboard level, allowing me to filter by certain contact properties like Company Name

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I agree.  Or it woulf be nice to filter a dahboard via a contact list. This way there wouldn't need to be a new type of attribute for dashboards.  This would also save on dashboard clutter, in the case when you have the same reports over a few lenses (like product, sales rep or region.)

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I also need the option to filter a dashboard by contact property (incl. custom properties). It is not applicable to create a new dashboard with 10 new reports each time. In my company, this would result in dozens of dashboards with hundreds of reports. In addition to the existing filter options (Date Range, Owners, Teams, Deal pipeline, Ticket pipeline) I would like to see "Contact Property"

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Absolutely. Salesforce has this and Hubspot doesn't. It's a real shame and basic functionality that should be introduced, ASAP.

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We have account dashboards where the only variant is company name. There's SO much duplication and inability to roll-out changes and improvements company-wide without updating multiple reports.