Dashboard Filtering by Domains

As a HubSpot Partner agency that works with higher education clients we run into reporting issues when 1 enterprise portals contains multiple domains and sub-domains that pertain to 1 school with multiple programs within that school.


Because reporting at the domain level is only available through the sources report, I would like to see advanced filtering options built for the marketing and web analytics dashboard.

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We run into the same issue. Hopefully Hubspot will update this asap!

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Same issue, every our clients ask for this thing.

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We have the issue, hope it will we solve soon.

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We really need this. We have several clients with multiple subbrands / brand domains and the reporting dashboard is really not much use for them without the ability to filter by domain. A bit embarassing when you've sold them on how HubSpot is all about integrated reporting and then you can't do it!

JulienNeoptimal Occasional Contributor | Gold Partner
Occasional Contributor | Gold Partner

Any update about this request ? very usefull simply to dissociate analytics website and blog for example...