DOI Mails for 3rd party integrations like Eventbrite



we have integrated Eventbrite to our HubSpot platform. When someone fills out a form on Eventbrite, the leads are synced with HubSpot. So far so good. 


The question ist, how could we create a process to get the Double opt in of the leads?


a) Eventbrite offers the possibility to send DOI Mails - but how could we sync the information that someone clicks the DOI to HubSpot


b) Create a follow up Workflow in HubSpot when someone registeres for an Event. But, I can not find the DOI mail in our workflow tool and if I insert the DOI mail in an marketing-email of course this email would not go through. 


My work around is now to change the DOI status via the contacts view (select a filter or list and manually activate DOI for these adresses). 


But I would appreciate, if we would have the possibility to organize this process automatically, e.g. by allowing to select DOI Mails in a workflow or to update the Eventbrite and Go2Webinar connectors. 






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