Customizing "log activity" in HubSpot CRM

Hi HubSpot Development Team, 


I recommend revisiting the idea to customize log activity in HubSpot Sales. I would like my team to track "Direct Mail," and I've seen others asking about logging texts and in-app messaging. 


Thanks for considering!


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Re: Customizing "log activity" and Task type in HubSpot Sales - changed to: Idea Submitted
Dec 20, 2018

Hi everyone, I'm going to update this idea as 'Idea Submitted'. To be fully transparent, the mistake was mine in interpreting these discussions as the need to customize Call & Meeting types - this feature was in beta and is now live (details below).


However, I understand that the need here is to identify, track and report on custom activities. I have made a note of this change and demand and will be taking this to Product, I know this is something they are aware of and reviewing but I do not have any further update at this time. To set expectations the next report I bring to the Product team will be early January. 


I apologize for the miscommunication here and will endeavor to get you an update on this idea. 





How to set custom call and meeting types:


How it works

  • Navigate to Settings > Sales > Call & Meeting Types.

  • Click “Enable Call and Meeting Types.”

  • Add your types.


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  • Then, when you’re logging an activity from a record in your CRM, simply click “Select Call Type,” and choose your desired type.

Inline image 2


What about reporting?

With the update, call/meeting type is now represented in two pre-built reports within the report library, and can also be used to build custom reports.


The two pre-built reports look like this, and live under "Prospecting:"

  • Call and meeting totals (by type). Holistically, are there trends in the types of calls/meetings your team is having?

  • Call and meeting leaderboard (by type). This report shows you the total number of meetings and calls each of your reps are having, by type. Did one rep have more pre-qualification calls, while another had more demo calls? Use this report to find out.


In addition to the pre-baked reports, Reporting Add-on or Sales Professional users can create custom reports using the Call/Meeting Type data.



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I would like to customize the marketing task "Types"  to be able to filter on the calendar beyond just: Blog, Email, Landing page, Project and "No Type".  Give me some options for that "No Type" becasue I have many other Types and that bucket is going to be too large.     

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HubSpot, please consider adding a way to allow users to customize those Task and Log Actvity categories. In a system with so many customizable fields, this limitation makes no sense. Thanks.

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Not sure if it's been mentioned, but my specific use case is I want our sales reps to be able to track when the send gifts to clients. For example, bought a bottle of wine and sent to house, etc. This ideally would be a custom activity type.

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Would love this!


What if I stop by someone's office? Is that a "call?" A call is my sitting my office dialing the phone... when my boss asks me why I only got 5 calls done in one day, there is no justification provided that I literally spent the day driving all over town. That is a problem.


I mailed out Christmas cards and gifts... some people got cards, some people got gifts. Is that a "call?" A "meeting?" An "email?" - those are my only three options. I want to be able to customize the options available so I can run a report on who got a gift and who got a Christmas card.

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Please allow the user to customize task types.