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Customizing "log activity" in HubSpot CRM

Hi HubSpot Development Team, 


I recommend revisiting the idea to customize log activity in HubSpot Sales. I would like my team to track "Direct Mail," and I've seen others asking about logging texts and in-app messaging. 


Thanks for considering!


HubSpot Updates
January 17, 2024 09:25 AM

Hi all a couple of years ago, we released 7 new logged activity options based on what we saw in this post. Could you please submit this short form if you still have a logged activity type that isn't being supported? Thank you!




Re: Customizing "log activity" and Task type in HubSpot Sales - changed to: Idea Submitted
December 20, 2018 05:36 AM

Hi everyone, I'm going to update this idea as 'Idea Submitted'. To be fully transparent, the mistake was mine in interpreting these discussions as the need to customize Call & Meeting types - this feature was in beta and is now live (details below).


However, I understand that the need here is to identify, track and report on custom activities. I have made a note of this change and demand and will be taking this to Product, I know this is something they are aware of and reviewing but I do not have any further update at this time. To set expectations the next report I bring to the Product team will be early January. 


I apologize for the miscommunication here and will endeavor to get you an update on this idea. 





How to set custom call and meeting types:


How it works

  • Navigate to Settings > Sales > Call & Meeting Types.

  • Click “Enable Call and Meeting Types.”

  • Add your types.


Inline image 1

  • Then, when you’re logging an activity from a record in your CRM, simply click “Select Call Type,” and choose your desired type.

Inline image 2


What about reporting?

With the update, call/meeting type is now represented in two pre-built reports within the report library, and can also be used to build custom reports.


The two pre-built reports look like this, and live under "Prospecting:"

  • Call and meeting totals (by type). Holistically, are there trends in the types of calls/meetings your team is having?

  • Call and meeting leaderboard (by type). This report shows you the total number of meetings and calls each of your reps are having, by type. Did one rep have more pre-qualification calls, while another had more demo calls? Use this report to find out.


In addition to the pre-baked reports, Reporting Add-on or Sales Professional users can create custom reports using the Call/Meeting Type data.



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Yes I would also love this feature.

I would like a task type like 'follow up'


because my Personal assistant can adjust the type from 'to do' to 'follow up' and then I know that she has atleast started with the task.


Definitely helpful; various task types should be customizable and could include a number of types: 


LinkedIn connect


Direct mail

Text message




I also think this would be a great addition. I have different types of tasks I perform and if I could edit the types in the drop down menu, it would cut back on having to type out the type of task I have to do for each and every task.


Also adding a +1 for this idea.  We use tasks to manage a number of workflows and different types of to-dos for the team that we would like to be able to report out on.


This would be great, combined with being able to customise the tasks "pipeline"


Appears this request has been going on for a couple of years.  Almost 200 votes seems this is a pretty vital request.  


We definitely need this!! 


I would also need that for my BDR team. We want to be able to distinguish the following:

- Chat conversations (on Twitter/LinkedIn/etc.)

- Email conversations

- Phone Calls

- In Person conversations


And we want to track this different for inbound vs outbound leads. 


Any updates from the HubSpot Dev Team? Looks like this was supposed to hit the product queue back in 2017 or early 2018...


Would be nice to hear something on this ageing request especially since price updates are coming. 


Looks like there was an update today. Next update is in January. 





I read someone heard an update would be coming in January, is that  true?  would love to hear there is progress!


PLEASE make Hubspot sales a bit more flexible/customizable! I'm about to reccomend my sales team change CRMs entirely.

I would like to create a custom Log activity. I'd like to LOG Connection - This is my SDR teams way of saying they are setting up a meeting. 


@hubspot Any updates on this? Multiple years with 15 pages of replies requesting custom activity type seams like it should be top priority. 


LinkedIn/Social outreach is often becoming the primary method of contact for sales team, including mine. There is no way for me to accurately track messages, replies, connect requests, etc. Custom activity types is a must.


Any updates would be great!


Would love it. Should be customizable. Personally, I would do text and whatsapp.


This would be so helpful!  It would be so much easier to track direct mail, LinkedIn, proposals this way!


English - When I want to create a new task, only 3 types of tasks are possible: Call, Email and Tasks.
I want to include more task types, for example: LinkedIn, WhatsApp, etc.
With this improvement, I will be able to generate activity reports filtered by all types of tasks and increase the degree of team performance analysis.
Pipedrive has had this possibility for a long time and I used it before.


Português - Quando desejo criar uma nova tarefa, só são possíveis 3 tipos de tarefas: Chamada, Email e Tarefas.
Eu desejo incluir mais tipos de tarefa, por exemplo: LinkedIn, WhatsApp, etc.
Com essa melhoria, poderei gerar relatórios de atividades filtrados por todos os tipos de tarefas e aumentar o grau de análise do desempenho do time.
O Pipedrive já tem essa possibilidade faz tempo e eu a usava antes.


Add the ability to create customize Activity Types. We integrated LinkedIn Sales Navigator and want to track how many LinkedIn messages the sales reps are sending. 


Any update on this? 


We send multiple types of direct mail and gifts. Are there any suggestions on how best to keep track of this? Solution would need to log...

  • type of direct mail/gift (I.e handwritten card, brochure, t-shirt, etc)
  • quantity sent
  • date sent

I see Hubspot has a blog on client gift strategy but I can't find an adequate way to log these activities through the actual Hubspot product... Thanks!