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Customizing "log activity" in HubSpot CRM

Hi HubSpot Development Team, 


I recommend revisiting the idea to customize log activity in HubSpot Sales. I would like my team to track "Direct Mail," and I've seen others asking about logging texts and in-app messaging. 


Thanks for considering!


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Can we please get an option to log activity that took place in Microsoft Teams.

LinkedIn and WhatsApp got added. Since we are chatting with a lot of contacts on Microsoft Teams, "Log as Microsoft Teams message" would be a fabulous new option. 


Kind of sad that this one has been on here for six years and still has not been implmented...

We've had to use a clunky work-around using custom objects in order to track a simple 'referral' activity (i.e., we refer Company A to Company B).

This would be much more elegantly done with a custom activity type of Referral.



To be fair, HubSpot added numerous new activity types in July 2022.
It'd be nice to be able to add custom activities.