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Customizing "log activity" in HubSpot CRM

Hi HubSpot Development Team, 


I recommend revisiting the idea to customize log activity in HubSpot Sales. I would like my team to track "Direct Mail," and I've seen others asking about logging texts and in-app messaging. 


Thanks for considering!


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I would like to customize the marketing task "Types"  to be able to filter on the calendar beyond just: Blog, Email, Landing page, Project and "No Type".  Give me some options for that "No Type" becasue I have many other Types and that bucket is going to be too large.     


HubSpot, please consider adding a way to allow users to customize those Task and Log Actvity categories. In a system with so many customizable fields, this limitation makes no sense. Thanks.


Not sure if it's been mentioned, but my specific use case is I want our sales reps to be able to track when the send gifts to clients. For example, bought a bottle of wine and sent to house, etc. This ideally would be a custom activity type.


Would love this!


What if I stop by someone's office? Is that a "call?" A call is my sitting my office dialing the phone... when my boss asks me why I only got 5 calls done in one day, there is no justification provided that I literally spent the day driving all over town. That is a problem.


I mailed out Christmas cards and gifts... some people got cards, some people got gifts. Is that a "call?" A "meeting?" An "email?" - those are my only three options. I want to be able to customize the options available so I can run a report on who got a gift and who got a Christmas card.


Please allow the user to customize task types.


"Task type" and "Priority" are two must to have customized(!) fields to organize tasks.
As long this isn't avaialbe, I have to use Outlook.


I am definitely for the idea of being able to customise activities. We're trying to track aditional things like reaching out/connecting.seindgin messages on Linkedin and having to do it manually is taking up very valuable time form the team. Having an 'other' option that allows you to customise the drop down in the same way that you can for the 'call' options would be ideal.


Yes, I would like to add "meeting" or "demo" type task. 


Our business relies on samples being sent for the customer to review. We will task the appropriate team member to send the samples. It would be great to break that out into a customer task!


The check box to automatically create a follow-up task when logging a call is helpful.
Allow the user to customize the name for the follow-up task within that same box to take it to the next level.
We deal with a high volume of leads and need to differentiate between follow-up tasks.


Custom activity types would be extremely useful. We have multiple activities that we constantly try and force into "Meeting," "Email," or "Call" when they're not at all one of those things. As mentioned in the origial request, we send a lot of direct mail, including sending individual (not bulk) mail to specific prospects.


My company tried to find this feature today and ended up here. We would like to Log LinkedIn and direct mail activities. 


Agreed! Would love to be able to edit task types.


I would like the complete SF picklist for Task Type to sync to between Salesforce and Hubspot.  Do can I do this?


This would be extremely helpful for us, even the ability to Pre-Save Task Titles or Templates. We often create the same, very specific Task for certain team members and want these created via Workflows. Any mistype during the Workflow creation or Task creation could keep it from triggering. This would also help us keep our Teams tasks clean and keep from people wording things poorly.


We definitely need to integrate text messages, so would want to see that as a task type but also a way to track the text messages.  I like the idea of adding direct mail as well since we are using it again in our marketing process


Not only would I like to be able to create my own task categories, but I would like to report on them.

This would be valuable to create a Sales Manager Call Log.


Count of Calls

Count of Site Visits

Count of Samples Sent


Whatever your business model requires, a call log based on task types helps to determine work volume and activities


Just want to chime in here and say that we would also love to be able to create custom activity types! We want to log InMail but have to currently log them as emails which isn't accurate for reporting purposes.


Is there a reason this is taking so long to address? It's been almost 5 years. We are simply asking for a way to add more types instead of just Email, Call, and Meeting. For example, "text message" "LinkedIn Message" etc, I'm sure people would like to be able to add anything they want depending on their business