Customizing "log activity" in HubSpot CRM

Hi HubSpot Development Team, 


I recommend revisiting the idea to customize log activity in HubSpot Sales. I would like my team to track "Direct Mail," and I've seen others asking about logging texts and in-app messaging. 


Thanks for considering!


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@CamilleC Still in consideration. Seeing that the status has been updated to "being reviewed" is a good sign that it might not be far off.

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Love the idea. It would be very helpful for the reporting we do in our Company. 

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As some additional thought, custom tasks types or logged activity in the deal view could be filtered by "Pipeline" or "Team View".  My personal recommendation would be for them to be filtered by "Pipeline". 


For organisations with multiple product offerings (and subsequent different pipelines), and front line sales based staff who work across more than one product range, this functionality would be required. 


Furthermore, it would be great if workflows can be created/triggered from custom tasks or logged activity to ensure internal efficiency and follow up actions occur (these might be automated or not). 


On a side note, @grayson , it would be worth adding a "Deal" label to this idea as this functionality is also a key requirement for deals. 


This is a very useful request. In sales there are many additional task types that we track and are not able to properly report on. Being able to customize the task types is definitely needed.


Being able to add user definable fields on tasks would make this much more useful.

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yes, please!!!

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@Mary_Pouliot I just learned on a support call that if you are a LinkedIn Sales Navigator user, you can integrate and then find custom values associated with LinkedIn activity. You should check it out...


I would like to not only see customizable Task Types, but they should be Team partitioned... or each Team should be given the ability to create a set of custom Task Types for their set of users.


Thanks for your consideration! I hope this one gets done soon.


This is a no brainer ... why has it taken 3 years to get this implemented.

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to have a billing option would be useful

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I'd really love the idea to customize task types and priorities. This will help our team.

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+1! Teams across the world have different types of tasks so it would be very beneficial for them to be able to create their own custom task types that they can easily track and filter by. 


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Waiting for this feature 

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A LinkedIn activity type would be great, but apart from that, being able to customize activity types would be the best scenario.

Just like you do in calls and meetings 🙂

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Would be great to be able to customise the options in the Log menu




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I agree about needing the ability to customize Activity Type. I'd like to log LinkedIn Sales Navigator activity by our Sales team.

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Hubspot, as part of this review, please consider adding a checkbox 'Inbound email' to the view 'Log an Email'.

This is to manually capture correspondence received outside of email, such as LinkedIn, which will influence reporting against the property 'Recent sales email replied date'.



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+1 for creating custom task types like you can with call and meeting types:

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+1 waiting for this functionality, to be able to customize tasks


Customizing task type would be great as well and being able to report on task type by contact owner..

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+1 We also have had clients ask to add new activity types.