Customizing "log activity" in HubSpot CRM

Hi HubSpot Development Team, 


I recommend revisiting the idea to customize log activity in HubSpot Sales. I would like my team to track "Direct Mail," and I've seen others asking about logging texts and in-app messaging. 


Thanks for considering!



I understand what this feature request is about.. But if activities types are customized then it is decision of HS user what kind of activity types the want to use (and get reports & dashboards) based on types... So could be also answer to me if there will be more types and name of types would be free to write. 


How does one join this Beta?

ステータスに更新: Idea Submitted

Hi everyone, I'm going to update this idea as 'Idea Submitted'. To be fully transparent, the mistake was mine in interpreting these discussions as the need to customize Call & Meeting types - this feature was in beta and is now live (details below).


However, I understand that the need here is to identify, track and report on custom activities. I have made a note of this change and demand and will be taking this to Product, I know this is something they are aware of and reviewing but I do not have any further update at this time. To set expectations the next report I bring to the Product team will be early January. 


I apologize for the miscommunication here and will endeavor to get you an update on this idea. 





How to set custom call and meeting types:


How it works

  • Navigate to Settings > Sales > Call & Meeting Types.

  • Click “Enable Call and Meeting Types.”

  • Add your types.


Inline image 1

  • Then, when you’re logging an activity from a record in your CRM, simply click “Select Call Type,” and choose your desired type.

Inline image 2


What about reporting?

With the update, call/meeting type is now represented in two pre-built reports within the report library, and can also be used to build custom reports.


The two pre-built reports look like this, and live under "Prospecting:"

  • Call and meeting totals (by type). Holistically, are there trends in the types of calls/meetings your team is having?

  • Call and meeting leaderboard (by type). This report shows you the total number of meetings and calls each of your reps are having, by type. Did one rep have more pre-qualification calls, while another had more demo calls? Use this report to find out.


In addition to the pre-baked reports, Reporting Add-on or Sales Professional users can create custom reports using the Call/Meeting Type data.




HubSpot can become a powerful ABM tool with custom activities and some reporting looking at accounts + contacts + activities.


Yes! We would like "Other" "Direct Mail" and "LinkedIn Message" as options.


Please please push to make customizable activities a thing @roisinkirby

Hubspot is so good at so much, but lagging behind in so many critical areas. I want to see the company succeed and am a huge brand advocate, but software deficiencies like this make it difficult to defend when comparing against other CRM's.


Additionally, I completely understand and tell myself all the time that your team must get hundreds of product requests and fulfilling them all is virtually impossible. What's beyond discouraging though is that this thread is closing in on 2 years old, has 135 upvotes, and does not appear to have made any headway. The Hubspot support team is trained to tell users to submit a product request on the community board and upvote other existing posts - but its threads like this that give me (and I imagine many others) zero confidence in this idea's forum capability to bring change. There have been other ideas threads that I've come across over the last year or so and are closing in on 2+ years (like this one discussing the implementation of freezing headers) which I still can't believe have not been corrected and add my ill will towards the ideas forum.


It's tough because I imagine a combination of both timing and logistics doesn't allow you to satisfy all of your user's concerns and ideas, but I just wish we'd see more out of the product team in response to these threads. As I said, I so strongly believe in the Hubspot value prop and want nothing more than its continued success but at some point, there needs to be stronger emphasis placed on product growth and incorporating the feedback of the day-to-day users.


I hope we can get this product update - along with many of the others closing in on 2+ years old - implemented early on in 2019.





Thank you for the update, @roisinkirby


I have read where there is a suggestion that activities do not need to be customizable as long as you add certain types.

That's a bit short-sighted as each industry, their vocabulary, and each single user is unique.


I myself am a speaker and author, and need to scan my logs very quickly for books and direct mail sent, speaking gigs boked, and so forth.


Thanks for bringing this to the team.


 It would be great if they could ad "text message" as an option as well!


 100% for this. Texts are a common way of communicating lately and we need to add this feature so we can distinguish how the prospects are contacted


the option 'message' would cover texts and all social media messaging 


Yes, please. Adding custom activity types will help our team track and measure all types of communication/outreach efforts. 


Yes! We would love to have the option to customize the drop down menu. We would especially like "Log a Text" or "Log a Message" as an option! 


This would be so useful for LinkedIn Messages or Social Media channel interaction with prospects/customer. Looking forward to seeing this option available!


Would love to track Direct Mail, SMS/WhatsApp and Social Media Messaging


Definitely in favour of this, it would help me hugely to have an "Initial Outreach" task type that could then be filtered out so as not to get in the way of more pressing, warm leads. These could then become the focus once the more pressing tasks have been completed.


Weighing in here - would love to be able to track the most popular social media engagements - ESPECIALLY LinkedIn. I do a ton of contact via LI and adding that would be awesome. 


My company would also benefit immensely from this.


This is a great idea and I could definitely make use of this feature too.


Would be great to customize the log type.


Fully agree, this is something we would like to edit.  Ability to tailor task types would just be one additional level of detail that is very meaningful.  I agre with Cwand, make it like the call & meeting types functionality.  


I also really want this! also to be able to report on all the different task types for all the users in a portal.