Customizing "log activity" in HubSpot CRM

Hi HubSpot Development Team, 


I recommend revisiting the idea to customize log activity in HubSpot Sales. I would like my team to track "Direct Mail," and I've seen others asking about logging texts and in-app messaging. 


Thanks for considering!


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How many votes do we think it takes to make this a reality? 

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Great Idea. We want to be able to track task types that are for prospects from a specific, low value contact list, but do not want those tasks to interfere with other tasks that are "real" against vetted opportunities.  It is kind of like a task priority but taht is also not modifiable.  We want to be able to filter these out of some taks reports (eg. current tasks overdue)

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Chiming in to say that we would use this!

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Yes, seconded!! I really need this for tracking comments/conversations on social media. 

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Waiting for solution (it make sense to add Skype, WhatsApp, etc.).

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Hi. Would love to be able to add or edit the task categories 

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For everyone who has commented and upvoted this idea - please also do it on another thread that has more upvotes etc.

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Custom Activities Are A Must For HubSpot


Totally agree with all the points raised above. This functionality is especially important in a post COVID-19 world where many organisations will be changing their processes and require customisation across activities (meetings, call, tasks)


A great example would be the addition of different tasks types like; "video meeting", "create quote", "follow-up quote" etc. 



Custom Activity Types Allocated To Specific Users or Teams


To further the idea, customised activity types should be allocated to various "team views" or specific users.


For example, a custom task type for our Sales Team could be "Create quote". Our Project Management Team (who manage a deal once it is "won") will never use this task type. Instead, they can have their own bespoke suite of tasks types that could include "Complete construction site Health & Safety documentation" or "Order & send product to construction site".


For Enterprise CRM users particularly, this level of functionality is a must to ensure the platform continues to suit our diverse business needs. 



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a sales calendar to accurately measure productivity need to be able to create custom activities and these need to show up in reports (eg office days vs site visits etc). 

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Being able to customize Task Type, similar to Call & Meeting Types, would have enormous benefits from a tracking and reporting perspective - particularly for things scheduled in the future. Here's a simple use case: Salesperson needs to create a proposal next week for a new prospect so they add a Task with a Type called "Proposal" and a due date of next week. The Sales Manager has a widget on their dashboard to track "Number of Proposals by Rep/Week" that would filter for this Task Type. Then they would be able to see both proposals that were completed for a specified time period (last week/month/quarter) and propsals scheduled for a future time period (next week/month/quarter). This could apply to an infinate number of different Task Types to track common sales activities.

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I agree!  Having more than "To-do, Call, or Email" for task types/categories would be very beneficial.  Then they could be sorted and grouped as well.  A lot of us wear multiple hats and being able to group or sort tasks by editable categories would be awesome, as not all tasks are created equal.

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At the very least, it would be nice to expose the "Activity Type" to tasks. Currently when logging a call or email you can categorize based on the type. Since tasks are handled as engagements by the API, why not allow tasks to be categorized by type as well? As is, the only way to tell one task type from another is by the subject, which is problematic for a number of reasons, and makes tasks totally useless for any meaningful reporting.

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I am seeing a lot of the communications in 2017/2018, is this something that has been resolved or is it still in consideration?

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@CamilleC Still in consideration. Seeing that the status has been updated to "being reviewed" is a good sign that it might not be far off.

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Love the idea. It would be very helpful for the reporting we do in our Company. 

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As some additional thought, custom tasks types or logged activity in the deal view could be filtered by "Pipeline" or "Team View".  My personal recommendation would be for them to be filtered by "Pipeline". 


For organisations with multiple product offerings (and subsequent different pipelines), and front line sales based staff who work across more than one product range, this functionality would be required. 


Furthermore, it would be great if workflows can be created/triggered from custom tasks or logged activity to ensure internal efficiency and follow up actions occur (these might be automated or not). 


On a side note, @grayson , it would be worth adding a "Deal" label to this idea as this functionality is also a key requirement for deals. 

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This is a very useful request. In sales there are many additional task types that we track and are not able to properly report on. Being able to customize the task types is definitely needed.

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Being able to add user definable fields on tasks would make this much more useful.

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yes, please!!!