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Customizing "log activity" in HubSpot CRM

Hi HubSpot Development Team, 


I recommend revisiting the idea to customize log activity in HubSpot Sales. I would like my team to track "Direct Mail," and I've seen others asking about logging texts and in-app messaging. 


Thanks for considering!


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Hi @CWand   Great suggestion. Moving this to the Ideas forum for further comment. Can you ad a bit more context on how this would help your business and workflow? 


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Very similar to call types. It would be great to have task type. By customising the task types we can be very specific about the type of tasks. The more specific the tasks, the clearer the instructions.  We would be able design specific workflows


+1 - I'd like to have an On-Site Meeting as a task type. 



Is it possible to add custom activities that can be logged on a contact? Now there are call, email and meeting.


This woud be an excellent feature. I moved tghe company from a competative CRM that had a Task list that was customizable and printable.  The feature allowed the sales team to drill down by Deal, Contact, and or Company.  Almost like we see when we open a 'Deal". Is very helpful when we have reps working multipal deals within a one company.


Yes, I would also like to know this. Direct Mail is big aspect of our marketing and we need to track this as an engagement not just a note so we can work out the success. 


I'm upvoting the crud out of this... 



Our business tracks "Meetings" tasks in different buckets to track productivity and traction within the sales stages of our pipeline. We'd love to differentiate between Initial Meetings vs. Product Demos. Generally, customizing or the ability to add Task types would be useful for our business.

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 I agree... I need personalize the activity with chat messaning from Whatsapp o text messages systems.


Yes please! I am replying to any thread that relates to this because we didnt realize it did not do this and we just purchased Hubspot sales. It seems crazy that this would not be an option to customize these options as literally every business works so differently. Even if you have one field that is not editable (in this case outcomes), add another field that is just customizable similar to custom contact properties. There is nothing customizable at all about the acitivty logging which seems very rigid. What if someone wants to assign the task to a specific campaign or product line. This is an option on marketing side so its seems odd that this would not be a consideration for sales especially in the era of marrying sales and marketing. Please consider for being a top priority! Oh and this editable/customizable option should integrate with salesforce 🙂 


We would like to be able to add our own custom task types to the Sales Task tool, in addition to Call, Email, To-Do. for example,: Voicemail, Web Meeting, etc.


Our sales team is prospecting across all the main channels: phone email & social; though the only options to log activity against are call, email and meeting. 

Adding Social (LinkedIn etc) would give the reps the ability to log that specific activity and management will be able to report on the effectiveness of it alone and combined with other channels


We agree, it would be very useful indeed!


 +1 for Text message option


I concur! We need to have TEXT as a follow up activity as this is an extremely frequent activity with our teams. Direct Mail would be excellent as well. 

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NOTE: sales pro only allows the second level of activity to be customized (the call type)

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mitchellkp you actually need sales enterprise to customize this as we learned when we bought sales pro and still didnt have the functionality. This is such a basic need of any sales organization and agree that it should be more accessible to the lower tiers of Husbpot sales. I know for us enterprise is way over the top in terms of functionality for what we do and we don't need anything more than pro.  This should at least be part of sales pro if not part of free version as its so basic and necessary for every company.


@cbartlett we have enterprise and this still isn't an option for us unfortunately. Seems like a quick and easy fix for Hubspot to add in. 


@bsusan thats so surprising because we were told that it was an option if we upgraded... again. I agree! hopefully we can get them to implement soon! 


Hello, I'd very much like to second this request for this pretty basic feature. As I've learned, Call and Email tasks qualify as "engagements", while ToDos do not - it would be great to be able to have tasks default to a type that was an engagement and thus will trigger the "next activity" field. In our use case, being able to screen for companies that don't have tasks set is pretty important. 


Also, it seems that the time field is also required to get the "engagement" field to trigger properly - it would be nice to be able to set a company wide default time to be preselected (or allow a date w/o time of day to update the "next activity" properly).


Really, I'd be happy if all tasks counted as engagements (or the next activity field could be set to update on non-engagement tasks), but if we could set task defaults such that they defaulted to settings that would fully qualify as "engagements" that would be an effective solution!