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Customizing "log activity" and Task type in HubSpot Sales

Hi HubSpot Development Team, 


I recommend revisiting the idea to customize log activity in HubSpot Sales. I would like my team to track "Direct Mail," and I've seen others asking about logging texts and in-app messaging. 


Thanks for considering!


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Customizing "log activity" and Task type in HubSpot SalesCommunity-Manager
changed to: Idea Submitted

Hi everyone, I'm going to update this idea as 'Idea Submitted'. To be fully transparent, the mistake was mine in interpreting these discussions as the need to customize Call & Meeting types - this feature was in beta and is now live (details below).


However, I understand that the need here is to identify, track and report on custom activities. I have made a note of this change and demand and will be taking this to Product, I know this is something they are aware of and reviewing but I do not have any further update at this time. To set expectations the next report I bring to the Product team will be early January. 


I apologize for the miscommunication here and will endeavor to get you an update on this idea. 





How to set custom call and meeting types:


How it works

  • Navigate to Settings > Sales > Call & Meeting Types.

  • Click “Enable Call and Meeting Types.”

  • Add your types.


Inline image 1

  • Then, when you’re logging an activity from a record in your CRM, simply click “Select Call Type,” and choose your desired type.

Inline image 2


What about reporting?

With the update, call/meeting type is now represented in two pre-built reports within the report library, and can also be used to build custom reports.


The two pre-built reports look like this, and live under "Prospecting:"

  • Call and meeting totals (by type). Holistically, are there trends in the types of calls/meetings your team is having?

  • Call and meeting leaderboard (by type). This report shows you the total number of meetings and calls each of your reps are having, by type. Did one rep have more pre-qualification calls, while another had more demo calls? Use this report to find out.


In addition to the pre-baked reports, Reporting Add-on or Sales Professional users can create custom reports using the Call/Meeting Type data.



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Is there a way to add custom task "types" ? Currently i only have the option to choose from Email, Call or Meeting. I'm wondering if I can create custom "Types" ie. Text Message or Fax ?





Direct Mail was also something that our company was interested in tracking.

Along with that, we wanted a way to track project delivery interactions versus sales/prospecting contacts -- since we use the CRM to track all communication with the client, including logistics and invoicing.

I think if HubSpot just added these 2 options, it might not be necessary to open up entirely to customization. I understand the value of using a set number of activities to track metrics.


I LOVE that you added options for logging calls (e.g., reached, left message, etc.)


I'd like to have a category other than email, meeting, and call. 


I sometimes send direct mail or handwritten notes. I'd like that to be a fourth option. 



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This feature is very critical to my workflow.  I currently use insightly as a CRM, but wanted something that I could have more users for free.  I love the way I can create and customize as many "Categories" as I want to "code" my tasks.  The  "Deal" Pipeline & Stages feature is a similiar concept to "coding", but cannot assign the "Deal" to someone else to complete a particular stage.  Maybe I'm missing it, but I cannot find a way to assign a Deal to someone else.  With Insightly, I can easily assign the task to someone, we can then make notes on the task, change the code (type), and make our notes and it remains in their queue until it's assigned to someone else or marked complete.  Please go to Insightly to see how they have their task options set up.  I will continue using Insightly for now, but feel free to email me when this feature is more flexible.  Thank you

@Bumblelion wrote:

Is there a way to add custom task "types" ? Currently i only have the option to choose from Email, Call or Meeting. I'm wondering if I can create custom "Types" ie. Text Message or Fax ?








Please add an "Other" to Log Activity so I can type: "reached out on LinkedIn" or "filled out contact form on website" or whatever, thanks!




Great Idea, but I think we should be able to make our own drop down options we would make a bunch such as "Stop In", "LinkedIn Connect", LinkedIn Message" etc...


Text message option


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In regards to logging e-mail, be able to mark the message as message being "received" from a person.


I agree...this would be a great feature and will enable greater use of the Task workflows


This would be amazing. We have certain tasks we complete on each account as separate times. I would love the option to make those activities a category to log.