Customizing "log activity" and Task type in HubSpot Sales

Hi HubSpot Development Team, 


I recommend revisiting the idea to customize log activity in HubSpot Sales. I would like my team to track "Direct Mail," and I've seen others asking about logging texts and in-app messaging. 


Thanks for considering!


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About the call types, yes you can customize them AND also add more call types if you want..... HOWEVER, this is not what we were lookng for


We want to be able to customize CALL OUTCOME...   That's were the juice is my friends at Hubspot


Right now the options are

No answer


wrong number

Left live message

Left voice mail



WE WANT TO BE ABLE TO CUSTOMIZE THE LIST ABOVE.  AT MINIMUM rename them... that should be easy enough


Lets get this done boys and girls

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Exactly, See my post above yours!

Yes, custom outcomes would be great but we really want custom activity types!

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Yes, this is necessary. In my team, we want the "text message" and "linkedin message" options. Customizable activities / activity types would be great!!

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I would take it a step further and allow the Activity Types and Outcomes to be customizable.  

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Hi @roisinkirby


How do we participate in beta products/beta reviews?? Would love this feature now Smiley Happy 





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You can apply here.


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Looks like they closed applications for new users as of Oct 2017.

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 We do this in SFDC and would like to do the same.

Allows us to customize to our marketing and sales process. Which includes text, direct mail, trade show meetings, on-site meetings, etc.


Says "in beta". As of when? When does it roll out?

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Hi all, pretty sure this is the relevant product release announcement. Seems like a sales-pro only feature:


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That's sort of what people are looking for. About halfway, I guess.


I'm looking for a way to log things like texts, snail mail items, etc. This feature will let me categorize calling activity and also add meeting types but it still doesn't allow different activity types. It doesn't quite make sense for me to log something as a call and then to change the Type to "Text Message" or to log mailing something to a prospect as a "Meeting."