Customizing "log activity" and Task type in HubSpot Sales

Hi HubSpot Development Team, 


I recommend revisiting the idea to customize log activity in HubSpot Sales. I would like my team to track "Direct Mail," and I've seen others asking about logging texts and in-app messaging. 


Thanks for considering!


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Would love to track Direct Mail, SMS/WhatsApp and Social Media Messaging

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Definitely in favour of this, it would help me hugely to have an "Initial Outreach" task type that could then be filtered out so as not to get in the way of more pressing, warm leads. These could then become the focus once the more pressing tasks have been completed.

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Weighing in here - would love to be able to track the most popular social media engagements - ESPECIALLY LinkedIn. I do a ton of contact via LI and adding that would be awesome. 

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My company would also benefit immensely from this.

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This is a great idea and I could definitely make use of this feature too.

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Would be great to customize the log type.

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Fully agree, this is something we would like to edit.  Ability to tailor task types would just be one additional level of detail that is very meaningful.  I agre with Cwand, make it like the call & meeting types functionality.  

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I also really want this! also to be able to report on all the different task types for all the users in a portal.

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+1 that would be a very helpful feature for us. When a colleague sends a task they should be able to choose between priority 1 / 2 /3 and the assignee should be able to see the same prioritisation for the task.  

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Yes, please!  I would really like to be able to customize the activity types since the sales prcess is much more than just emails, meetings and calls.  It includes dropping by and seeing cients at networking for example. As Director of Sales I want to be able to run reports based on all these activity types.