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Customizing deal properties across teams when creating a deal

As a user creating deals across different pipelines (for different products) I want to customize what properties I see when I'm creating a deal. Currently our two teams need to share one view when creating the deal which makes things confusing and hinders our data integrity. I cannot make a property mandatory because only relevant to one product pipeline and vice versa.
Would be great to get a fix for this.

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This would be very helpful to be able to customize the required properties based on either team or pipeline during deal creation. As each team has different requirements for data. Being able to have different required property cards for ticket creation would aslo be helpful as each service team requires different information to deal with different products.


YES! Just onboarded another line of business to Hubspot and they are vastly different than the sales team currently creating deals there. We need to be able to customize deal creation by team!  Now we are forced to make things not required in order to not confuse the two lines of business. Which means we will lose important data. 


Please add this option asap!



This is such a basic feature, I can't believe this is not avalialble yet... My team has the same problem. You can set the required properties when changing stages in each pipeline, but you can't cusomize the properties the team sees when creationg a deal according the pipeline? this doens't make any sense...



We're adding our Customer Success pipeline and bringing them on to HubSpot for forecasting. We could really do with having different mandatory fields when creating a deal based on the pipeline they're adding it to.


Yes, please add feature to create and customize multiple 'Create Deal' or even 'Create Contact' forms based on team/user


Yes! This seems like a really basic feature for a CRM to have. We use different pipelines for different things (prospecting, account management, initiating new products) and each pipeline requires different information. Seems silly to make some properties required across all pipelines just to ensure it's completed on the one pipeline it's relevant for.