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Customized view of properties in left sidebar based on custom property


We segment our contacts (e.g. Parent, Contractor, Caregiver) with the custom property “Contact type.” Some properties that appear in the “About this contact” are irrelevant for some contact types. We need  a way to reorder and/or not show properties based on contact type.  Currently it’s possible to reorder and/or not show properties in a custom section, and have that section appear triggered by Lifecycle stage or Lead Status. Expanding that capability to trigger off a custom property would expand the utility of custom sections across many of your users who, like me, use HubSpot for purposes in addition to selling.

View/hide properties according to contact typeView/hide properties according to contact type

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Yes, this is huge for us too! We segment our contacts into Couple - Primary, Couple - Secondary, Family Member/ Friend, Videographer, Photographer, etc. 

And since we can't toggle team views on demand, it would be a solution to be able to show certain properties based on the contact type.

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Hi all


The ability to display conditional sections on contact, company, deal, ticket, and custom object records based on select property values (all dropdown and checkbox properties - both default and custom) is now available for all HubSpot customers with an Enterprise-tier hub. More details here: