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Customized "Deal Cards" in Deals Dashboard

I'd like to be able to control which properties appear on the "card view" in the


Deals Dashboard. Default is...
- Deal Name
- Amount
- Close Date
- Attached Contacts


I'd like to be able to select my own 4 attributes, so that the at-a-glance feature is more meaningful to me.


In addition I'd like to be able to color-code Deal Cards based on attributes. (i.e. [if deal amount > $5,000; then color = green])

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August 23, 2021 08:11 AM

Hey community, here's a link to KB article detailing how to customize board card properties:

August 10, 2021 11:07 PM

August 10, 2021 11:07 PM

May 13, 2021 08:39 AM

Hey Hubspot community, 


Customizing board card properties AND associated card properties are now live to all portals at starter and above


You can follow the progress on color coding functionality for board cards here

In Beta
April 27, 2021 05:48 AM

Hey Hubspot community,

Thanks for all your patience. After a successful beta, we started rolling this feature out to all users at starter + yesterday. In the next week or so, all users at starter + will have access to CRM Card Customization, which will let you customize the properties displayed on board cards and record association cards.

March 16, 2021 02:48 PM

Hey Community. 


Thanks for the continued feedback. 


A bit of an update here. We now have a small private beta going for board card customization, which lets you change the properties displayed on the Kanban board view for both Deals and Tickets. 


With the private beta, we identified a few improvement areas, which we are currently tackling. While making the improvements, we are also making it possible for users to customize properties that appear on association cards--see below. 



We expect to have these improvement done by end of month, after which everyone who completed this form will be added to the beta. 


We also want to make it clear that this beta is only for customizing the information that is display on cards, not color coding cards. Color coding is on the team's radar and we are planning to slot this work in the coming quarters. 


Thanks for the patient as we work to make this feature awesome. We are looking forward to giving you all access soon. 

In Beta
February 24, 2021 08:48 AM

Hello HubSpot community,


Excited news. Board Card Property customization is in private beta. We are giving early access to portals, at the appropriate tier, who filled out this form. If you provided contact information in the form, you will recieve an email once your portal has been granted access to the feature. This will happen in the next few days, so please be patient. 


Again, thanks for the continued feedback, HubSpot community.


In Beta
January 20, 2021 04:09 AM

Hello HubSpot Community 


Thank you for your incredible patience here. The team is happy to announce that we will be releasing board card property customization, which will allow admins to customize properties on board cards, to private beta shortly. If you have a starter, professional, and/or enterprise plan and would like to get early access to this feature, please fill out this form

In Planning
January 20, 2021 04:06 AM

Hello HubSpot Community 


Thank you for your incredible patience here. The team is happy to announce that we will be releasing board card property customization, which will allow admins to customize properties on board cards, to private beta shortly. If you have a starter, professional, and/or enterprise plan and would like to get early access to this feature, please fill out this form

In Planning
November 02, 2020 12:28 PM

Hello, HubSpot community,


Thank you for your continued input on this idea--and your patience.


We are happy to say that the idea is in development. We are working on making it possible for admins to customize board card properties for all users in a portal in properties settings--both for Tickets and Deals. The selected properties will serve as the default displayed properties on all board cards in the portal.

Again, thank you all for your input here and for your help in making HubSpot a better product.

September 17, 2020 07:47 AM

Hello HubSpot community, 

Thank you for your continued input on this idea! We're looking to learn more from you to ensure we deliver the best solution to meet the needs of your business. Could you please take this short survey? 

As for the status of this idea, this is something we're talking about a lot these days at HubSpot. So, with some good feedback here I'm optimistic we'll be able to start building a solution here shortly. 

Thank you in advance! 

In Planning
March 23, 2020 07:15 AM

Not Currently Planned
April 04, 2017 01:21 PM

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@rachelbrowne - one thought (bandaid) that might help, if you're viewing the table view instead of the board view, is you could add the "Next Activity Date" column.  If there are tasks set up on the deal, the due date should be factored in to Next Activity.  (so would any scheduled meetings, etc.), and it could at least help with prioritization?


I would like to see the "Creation Date" instead of the "Close Date. Thanks


This feature would be wonderful!


Absolutely need this.


I would like to add "Category" to the board view. Thanks!


Definitely need. We are using a work around to display products in title, which in turn effects our reports. It's a lose-lose situation with this lack of functionality. 


I completely agree!! We need it also as soon as possible 🙂


Hear, hear! I would also like to see this feature rolled out Smiley Happy


I have this requirement as our clients value different details. Added customisation at this level is always going to be a good thing for all users as it will allow the interface to be suited to everybodys M.O.


My sales team has asked for this feature twice now. As they merge away from their spreadsheets, having custom colors available for the deal stages would really help.

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Tottaly agree. Would love to see the create date on the deal board view. 


This is very important to all modules


Are u kidding me? Look at the amount of comments and upvotes... plus how long this topic has been engaged with by Hubspot customers similar to us. UPVOTE +1 here and please Hubspot... do something???


Another +1


I have seen many threads on this topic, and it is clearly important to Hubspot users for years now.  This will make or break our decision to upgrade to a paid version of Hubspot, or go to Pipefy instead.


In the meantime, is there at least a view that shows only upcoming activity due dates?  I found how to sort deals by most recently due acitivites, but it shows the whole board.  If I could at least see a list of deals that only have tasks due today, for example, I could temporarily circumvent the need to have color coding and customizable propoerties on cards.


But in the long term, color coding for us is indispensible.  Last year, I used Trello for this reason.  Our customers are divided by local pickup, shipping or local delivery.  Each customer type is handeled differently, therefore color coding is a must.  I may either stick with Trello or go to Pipefy.


If anyone knows how to at least sort the deals by scheduled task date, that would be most appreciated!

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There are 8 pages of results and the status says it is still not planned? What threshold has to be met?


Yes it would be good to be able to customise the deal view by sales team.


Would it also be possible to remove the company logo from the deal in the board view? This doesn't add any value and take up alow of vertical space! 


Yes this please. 


I have had the same thought. Our deals can take up to a year or more to close. Maybe if we could even have the cards color-coded to signify Hot, Mild - still a prospect but may not happen this quarter/year, cold - they are not responding to our follow up but they are not dead yet. I rely on my deals page, but we can have so many deals in progress that I can't tell what may land this quarter. Makes meetings run long when you have to ask your salespeople about each and every deal.