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Customized "Deal Cards" in Deals Dashboard

I'd like to be able to control which properties appear on the "card view" in the


Deals Dashboard. Default is...
- Deal Name
- Amount
- Close Date
- Attached Contacts


I'd like to be able to select my own 4 attributes, so that the at-a-glance feature is more meaningful to me.


In addition I'd like to be able to color-code Deal Cards based on attributes. (i.e. [if deal amount > $5,000; then color = green])

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Agreed!  I don't need a close date because we don't track deals monthly.  I should be able to set my close date based on my goal to close the account.  For me it would be 15 days and not by the end of the month. 

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We would really like to see this implemented.  Now that we are using Service Tickets the design problem is even more relevant.  

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My team and I agree 100%. We shifted our 15 person sales team from Pipedrive to HubSpot and while many features are similar or better, this is unfortunately one that is not. It has been asked of me every day by the team members and we would appreciate HubSpot's support in making this a feature. Given there are so many customizations in HubSpot, it is dissappointing that this is not one of them. Thanks for your support, HubSpot!


Hello, do we have an update regarding Customized "Deal Cards" in Deals Dashboard? I'm having challenges, we created a property and we wanted it substitute to one of the customized field in the deal card but I cannot find any way to do it. Is there a possibility to change it?


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I'm working on a Hubspot CRM app that would potentially solve some of this pain (we also experienced this in our company). Here's a quick preview.

Would love to get connected with some of you that have this problem and talk to you.

You can contact me directly on jmarovt@gmail.com. @CJU @liz2 @bacahoon @Randall @Katya @ODWJohn @DDeZeeuwScreenshot 2018-07-03 10.31.52.png

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How did you get this in color???  

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Hey @EGirardet - as said above, I'm developing a Hubspot CRM app that helps me adjust a lot of preferences for the deal view. I would love to talk directly to more of you that have this problem - to see what to actually build first. Feel free to contact me on jmarovt@gmail.com 

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I agree this would be nice to have the proper visual indicators that each unique business find the most value in. 

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Please start planning the production of this feature. Thank you.

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This is vital for us too. The close date that is displayed in 'board view' is meaningless  unless we edit it (automatically generated) and taking up valuable space!