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Customized "Deal Cards" in Deals Dashboard

I'd like to be able to control which properties appear on the "card view" in the


Deals Dashboard. Default is...
- Deal Name
- Amount
- Close Date
- Attached Contacts


I'd like to be able to select my own 4 attributes, so that the at-a-glance feature is more meaningful to me.


In addition I'd like to be able to color-code Deal Cards based on attributes. (i.e. [if deal amount > $5,000; then color = green])

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Would it be possible to get added to the Beta? I filled out the form last week. 


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Hey @ybaptiste , 


thank you for making this feature a reality. Should be a great addition to the customization of the deal pipeline. 


I think I filled out the Google Form already around the end of March. Are there any updates regarding this? 




Status atualizado para: In Beta
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Hey Hubspot community,

Thanks for all your patience. After a successful beta, we started rolling this feature out to all users at starter + yesterday. In the next week or so, all users at starter + will have access to CRM Card Customization, which will let you customize the properties displayed on board cards and record association cards.

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So glad to hear that this is rolling out! Thank you for making this happen!


Agreed; thank you! 

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Hi team, I think the customisable deal board view is a huge win for customers! Have one piece of feedback that could make the board view even more user-friendly:


Use case: user wants to create tasks to follow up on inactive deals (in dark gray) on the deals board view. 

At the moment, he needs to switch back to the deals list view > check those tasks > create tasks for them, as there isn't a checkbox option or a way to create tasks for select deals in the board view. 


Customizeable cards at board view is great, but I need to view more properties in board view. 


eg Deal Name

Deal Value 

Close Date 

Lead Score 


is this possible?


I would love to have the ability just for a basic note. Maybe a limited character amount but just the ability for a custom information field rather than the set drop down values. Thanks!


Please let me know when this available. 

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Hi team, excited for more customisation to come with this beta! Wanted to pass on feedback on behalf of a customer. It would be even more valuable to edit the properties showing on the deal board view according to the deal pipeline. Reason being that different teams working out of various pipelines might have different  important properties they want to see at a glance.


Great to hear, @rwong - our team was recently having a discussion about how pipeline-specific customizability would be tremendously helpful, as different teams manage different pipelines (some have very little to do with the others) and care about different properties. 

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Hey Hubspot community, 


Customizing board card properties AND associated card properties are now live to all portals at star...


You can follow the progress on color coding functionality for board cards here

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I'm so glad we can customize the properties displayed! Thank you! However, it's not realistic to assume that different teams working on different deal boards want the same properties to be displayed. Can this feature be available per pipeline? Then each board will show the key properties that are important to that team and the success of that pipeline.


Yes, this functionality per pipeline would be amazing!

This is a great idea. And it’s also not realistic to show only two properties per card.

These items continue regarding the customization of the cards……It took YEARS to get this set up, but can we get some kind of feedback about addressing the very obvious needs of doing the additional tweaking of HubSpot for this very helpful feature??

When is the beta finished and this becomes available?

Yes, I would also like to turn on this feature for my team


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Thank you for this community.  I too would really like colour coding to highllight priorities. I am confused as to what happens at the end of the deal that is closed or completed. I have to file it somewhere or my deal board is going to finish very quickly.  Value your comments.


I would add that it would be nice to have the ability to mark all properties, including HubSpot created, as required. For example, company and contact should have the ability to be required. 


Yes, agree! We would like to be able to add 'Deal Owner' to the tile view in the pipeline. Any update on this being a configurable feature?