Customized "Deal Cards" in Deals Dashboard


I'd like to be able to control which properties appear on the "card view" in the


Deals Dashboard. Default is...
- Deal Name
- Amount
- Close Date
- Attached Contacts


I'd like to be able to select my own 4 attributes, so that the at-a-glance feature is more meaningful to me.


In addition I'd like to be able to color-code Deal Cards based on attributes. (i.e. [if deal amount > $5,000; then color = green])

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Absolutely need this.


Definitely need. We are using a work around to display products in title, which in turn effects our reports. It's a lose-lose situation with this lack of functionality. 


My sales team has asked for this feature twice now. As they merge away from their spreadsheets, having custom colors available for the deal stages would really help.


Are u kidding me? Look at the amount of comments and upvotes... plus how long this topic has been engaged with by Hubspot customers similar to us. UPVOTE +1 here and please Hubspot... do something???


Another +1


I have seen many threads on this topic, and it is clearly important to Hubspot users for years now.  This will make or break our decision to upgrade to a paid version of Hubspot, or go to Pipefy instead.


In the meantime, is there at least a view that shows only upcoming activity due dates?  I found how to sort deals by most recently due acitivites, but it shows the whole board.  If I could at least see a list of deals that only have tasks due today, for example, I could temporarily circumvent the need to have color coding and customizable propoerties on cards.


But in the long term, color coding for us is indispensible.  Last year, I used Trello for this reason.  Our customers are divided by local pickup, shipping or local delivery.  Each customer type is handeled differently, therefore color coding is a must.  I may either stick with Trello or go to Pipefy.


If anyone knows how to at least sort the deals by scheduled task date, that would be most appreciated!

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There are 8 pages of results and the status says it is still not planned? What threshold has to be met?


Would it also be possible to remove the company logo from the deal in the board view? This doesn't add any value and take up alow of vertical space! 


I have had the same thought. Our deals can take up to a year or more to close. Maybe if we could even have the cards color-coded to signify Hot, Mild - still a prospect but may not happen this quarter/year, cold - they are not responding to our follow up but they are not dead yet. I rely on my deals page, but we can have so many deals in progress that I can't tell what may land this quarter. Makes meetings run long when you have to ask your salespeople about each and every deal. 


This would be AWESOME!!!!


Please be sure to upvote so HubSpot Dev team can start developing this. 

It's been  ~18 months and 34 upvotes since this was originally requested.  Any luck with progress on this prioritizing @Hubspot product team?


PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEEEEEASE let me customize the deal cards on the board view of my deals. Right now I'm having to name my deals ridiculously long names because I get two things - The deal name and the close date. Just having the option to add another field or two would make the user world a better place. 


The bonus would be this: If my next contact date is today, the deal card will be highlighted or in a different color or some type of flag to show that deal needs to be touched today. But that's just a bonus. I really just want to have the next contact date there because I live in this view.


Thanks in advance for dropping everything you're doing and making this lowly little HubSpot user your top priority! Smiley Very Happy


Hubspot - let's make this happen!

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Very surprised this is not a built in feature. Setting up deals for a new client right now and they had a very basic request that the deal name is shown BEFORE the deal amount, which I discovered is impossible to customise. Seems like it would be a simple and obvious feature to be able to choose the information from a deal that's important to you so it's shown in the various default views of the deals. 


YES! Great idea


This would be such a useful addition to both the ticket and the deal dashboards!






I am new to hubspot but think it would be hugely benficial to be able to colour co-ordinate deals based on their owner so it is clear who belongs to who


Note that you could accomplish this via Filters i.e. 

Hubspot / Sales / Deals / 

Click on 'Filter' on Left side, select 'Deal Owner' from properties and then you can see all the deals for sales rep 'x'.


For the color coding, it's probably best that HubSpot development enable the functionality to color-code deals, but let the designation be determined by the user i.e. to color code deals that are 'Hot', 'Warm', or 'Cold', or deals that are 'all systems go' vs. 'some issues' vs. 'in jeopardy' etc.