Customized Lead revisit notifications

Hi, i think it will be extremely beneficial if there was a way to customize the lead revisit notifications. For example if it would be possible to set a notification to go out only for leads on a certain stage or a certain score etc. or a combination of criteria. 



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100%. I'd like to see customizations based on personal & lifecycle stage. Seems all of the default features have little benefit for the things that sales & marketing people would care about. 

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Being able to customize the lead notifications using the contact filter feature would be great for my clients.

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Its very good idea. plz add this option. 


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Also the ability to edit the notifications that come through so you can choose what properties are included. For example there is currently no way (that I can see) to see a contact's job title in the lead revisit notification. 

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I completely agree - it would be amazing if we could use the lead status to chose which ones we receive notifications for. 

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Would be useful to not get notified when Evangelists are on your website, usually are evangelists because we know they use our services a lot and well. No need to be notified but don't want to turn it off oterwise I won't know about leads...