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Customize what information is shown on information cards on right sidebar

Currently, there is no way to customize what information is shown on the right hand side bar within the information cards.  


For example, if you're in a contact record, the company contacts will be listed to the right, however it only shows their Name, title, office number and email address.  Since I call most people on their cell phones and that doesn't display, I have to click on the contact, get the number, and return to the company page.  


The same goes for not being able to see which lists a contact is a member of without having to click through.  


Does anyone else agree that this functionality would make the platform more effecient so that we wouldn't have to do so much clicking back and forth between contacts, companies, lists, etc? 

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Please, please this is a must! 


This is definitely something people have talked about at our org. We want to minimize as much clutter as we can from the right side bar.


This would be very helpful!

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Would be grateful to be able to customize or hide the right sidebar to leave more space for updating contact activity info in the middle of the page. Many folks enjoy expanding the middle section to get a larger view of their emails, activities and dat in the center especially if they do not use Companies or Deals within HubSpot


I find this lack of customization frustrating and just leads to more clutter. I have no use for List Memberships, Playbooks, Workflow Memberships, Line Items, Quotes, etc. At a bare minimum, I'd like for them to stay minimized when switching from one contact/company to another. 



I would like a way to see the contacts 'Forms submission' on the right-hand side instead of having to leave the contact page,  scrolling through lots of emails or messing with the filters. 



Agreed! This should be selectable. Better to be able to customize what each user prefers or have a global setting to select which properties are deemed important for the account. 


YES, I share your opinion ! 

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Need the right sidebar customisation so bad. Showing useless info by default is...useless 😅

Requested several times by clients.



I would like to comment on this as well. Currently, our sales team looks at the company record to see associated contacts. we need a way to see which contacts are "inactive" (i.e. changed jobs, retired, etc). we would likely create another property to display this inactivity, but we need a way for more than name, email, phone, and job title to display when looking at the associated contacts. Name + 3 fields is too limiting. We should be able to have at least Name + 5 additional properties. 


Any idea when this feature could be implemented ? 


HubSpot Product Team

Hi all - Lily here from the HubSpot CRM product team 👋


We recently released the ability to customize the data displayed in a Contact card under Settings > Objects > Contacts (see below), but I'd like to hear more about customizing the the right sidebar all together. If this is an area you have feedback on, please DM me and we can get a conversation going! 




Screen Shot 2021-07-28 at 11.32.36 AM.png


This really needs to be added. I'm genuinely stunned it hasn't been addresses already...


It would be great to be able to order the deals by close date, so our sales reps could quickly see most recent deals.

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+1 !

This would be really useful ! We only use 2 or 3 sections out of the 11 on the right sidebar...

Especially when we develop our own custom cards, it becomes really incomprehensible...

Thanks a lot for the update



I would be interest also.


This feature helps, but doesn't entirely do the trick for associated deals. When a contact or company has many deals, it clutters the overview. I would like to be able to influence which deals are shown to make the overview more relevant for users.


Customizing the quick view of a deal or a contact would be so beneficial, especially when there are multiple hands on a deal or contact.

Convience is everything ! I hope this gets considered and impleneted soon.


I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS IDEA, I AM SHOCKED IT DOES NOT HAVE THIS FEATURE.    I USE 2 OF THE 11 OR SO.    WE SHOULD BE ABLE TO HIDE THEM ON A COMPANY LEVEL!      We need to insert PURCHASE HSTORY Taple on this box were we creat a table via a api and we see exactly what the clients  have  bought from us before.    ex a 6 cell grid 


date         #units      price          extended amount 



i want to set up an api and insert a custom grid there with fields called purchase history, worst case or we press F2 or a function type key it shells out to a datbase and shows purchase history withing a panel in hubspot