Customize view access for playbooks


I have different playbooks for our service team and our sales team. When a sales or service user goes into a record that has the playbook field, they see both sales and service playbooks even though they only need playbooks for their respective team.


As a result, the playbook section is cluttered with unrelevant playbooks.


We would love a feature to limit who can view certain playbooks - similar to how you can limit custom dashboards by team.

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Further to what @peterq mentioned above, I would love to be able to specify which playbooks are shown on which record type. For example, we have some playbooks that are only applicable to Deals, while others are only applicable to Contacts. 


This would be extremely beneficial for us since we have playbooks based on Teams or Verticals.


We now have the ability to Manage Sharing by team on Playbooks, but as a variant on what @petejam requested, we really want to be able to also manage which Playbooks show based on certain property values.


e.g.  Customer type = XYZ on a Company record limits which Playbooks are shown to those 1) accessible to the Team the user is a member of AND 2) designated for that property type