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Customize the formatting of product descriptions

Currently the only possibility to have a little formatting in the product description area is to use a copy paste of a text already formatted in another application.
It would be useful to have access to a minimum of formatting for product descriptions.
Possibility to put text in bold or italic, to add bullet point with the return to line well wedged under the bullet point.

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Providing better formatting features within the product library would be a great addition since the appearance of quotes is important to many users.

Currently the product descriptions needs to be formatted outside of Hubspot and then copy-pasted. 


yes, it's kind of annoying. Is there any workaround? I copy and paste and its the same 😞



This is a must-have feature if you want to have people use the product description on web pages and in payment links. We need to be able to at lease have rich text support so that we improve the layout and bold key words ect...