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Customize the field mappings between HubSpot and Quickbooks

Due to another integration, our products had to be setup in QuickBooks Online with the SKU in the Name field.  We were hoping there was a way for HubSpot's Name field to look at the Sales Decription field in QuickBooks online instead when doing the matching during invoice creation.  I was advised by HubSpot support that the field mappings between HubSpot and QuickBooks cannot be customized.  Yet.  This would be so helpful as we want to create our invoices in HubSpot and the products to be able to match/flow correctly to QuickBooks.

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This would be incredibly helpful for us, too. It seems crazy that this functionality is not available. 


I'm curiuos how other HubSpot + QBO users are handling this as it seems like a lot of extra work for our team.