Customize the close date in deals



When you create a deal, there is a default close date (end of current month). Every month, we have to postpone the close date of our deals to the next month.

In our industry, the time to close is more around 80 to 90 days. The deal forecast will be more accurate with a close date set 2 or 3 months after the create date. close_date.png




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Hoping to be able to automate close date + tenor to a renewal deal. Currently we are not able to amend anything creating errors in how we track our deals!! Hope this one gets accelerated

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Commenting for a customer here.

It can be really frustrating to have to keep changing the deal close date since it is set automatically to a month away. Would love to have the feature to set a custom default date since certain deals tend to always close at the end of the calendar year.



Totally agree, it would be  great to be able to set how far out the close date should be for  the entire company, close date at the  end of the month makes little sense as it all depends on when the deal was created in the month.




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You should be able to set a default deal close date to 30 days or a set number from Deal creation.  I don't think this is rocket science and standard practice for most software products.   


I'm in the same boat. A simple change so that each company could choose the default sales cycle timeline (90 days, 180 days, etc.) would make all of our pipelines much cleaner and eliminate a lot of the manual work that is unnecessary and causes frustration now.


Couldn't agree more. We have a naturally long sales process (average 6 months) and can range from 2 weeks to 18 months! We'd like the ability to customise this, and even have it change based on the deal properties.

We need to set clossing date 365 days after creating date. 
It does not make sense that it automatically assigns you 3 months and you cannot set it on the days that each company deems appropriate.
There are more than 100 complaints in this thread, could you tell us if hubspot is finally planning to include it in the roadmap or we will have to continue doing it manually?

Makes no sense to me as to why this is auto populated.... or why you aren't able to change the default. 


Choosing a random date based on nothing? Makes no sense.... Our sales cycle is 90-120 days, and this throws everything off. 


why would you automatically set up a closed deal date? It makes absolutely no sense


The Close Date needs to be manually editable with the current default option made optional. 


This is a must for us please. Simple date default setting option for deals.






"End of month" almost never makes sense as the default, our cycle is also usually around 90+ days to close...


But for years now most of our reps fail to set this field manually or sensibly, so we end up with Hubspot's confusing default -- and that turns most of the reporting based on close-dates into garbage.


With an adjustable default, at least we'd be able to get all the deals onto a more sensible close-date pattern that's closer to our real business cycles.


Can you believe it, 4 years later and this is still outstanding. I'm baffled...


Hey everyone, 

we had some issues with other fields that we wanted to automatically update one of the things that we are doing now is connecting to Zaiper, having it do calculation then updating the field in Hubspot 

1. Deal is created

2. Zaiper sees the new deal pulls in the current date 

3. Zaiper Adds 60 days 

4. updates deal. 

(we are working on this next week ill keep you posted)  


I just want to add my +1 to this idea.


Also I do find this topic fascinating. Hundreds of requests over years for such a simple improvement that seems so blindingly, obviously necessary. The product team here must have nerves of steel to avoid implementing this sort of feature. It could almost be a case study. 

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This should absolutely be a setting that can be adjusted at the company level depending on sales cycle length. It's very tedious for the sales team to have to manually change these every month as the day comes and goes. Our sales cycle is around 30 rolling which should be accounted for when a deal is created closer to the middle or end of the month.


When will a new default option for close date in deals come? I want it to be empty always and no automated date.

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Yes, we're having the exact same issue. Automatically defaulting a close date is not a good user experience! It adds in more manual work and also affects sales reports - time to close, days spent in the pipeline, or any other workflows associated with that custom property specifically. 


I would much rather the field be left blank and then create a workflow to populate it once the deal is marked closed-won. 


HubSpot please fix this!


Why not just remove the auto update and allow users to be responsible for their own data integrity. I just spent $$$ on developing Power BI dashboards only to go have them reworked due to the AUTO close date distorting all the sales numbers. PLEASE just remove it and have it update when a deal moves to a certain stage. Closed Lost or Closed won or allow that to be customised based on the users model.  We now have to manually enter another field so the data will be correct on our reporting. Not the logic I would expect from a company as large as HS when a large number or users run sales pipelines that revolve around metrics such as Closed Date. 



We use power BI, I did not realize I could integrate these. Who did you hire to do dashboards?