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Customize the close date in deals


When you create a deal, there is a default close date (end of current month). Every month, we have to postpone the close date of our deals to the next month.

In our industry, the time to close is more around 80 to 90 days. The deal forecast will be more accurate with a close date set 2 or 3 months after the create date. close_date.png





Hey Kim,


Same dealio here. When we open deals, we don't know the close date. So we'd rather have it empty by default. 


Ideally, there'd be an 'Expected Close Date' property, which would use the deal owners 'Average Days to Close' to estimate a when the deal might close.


Close date would only be populated when a deal is set to Won or Lost. 


Same deal here. Is there a way to change the default? 


Same here why is this not changeable? Very weird...


This is important for me as well. I have no idea when a deal will close when I first create it and now there is bad data relating to close dates in my DB since I often create deals when multi-tasking on a call with a prospect.


+1 to the idea for customizing the default closing date.   I'd like to use a # of business days offset.


 Agreed! Having this default to the last day of the existing month is not appropriate. We don't know the exact close date and would prefer the Close Date field NOT be populated until the deal actually closes. We created a custom field titled Expected Close Date and use that to show what deals are delayed or stalled.

Please allow the Close Date field to NOT auto-populate (remain blank) when a deal is created.


Yes, our company needs this as well. We need a close date 6 months out because of our sales cycle. Quite surprised you are not able to customize this.


Auto populate needs to be eliminated.  It creates confusion and inaccuracies.  This frustration with the users.


+1 to the idea for customizing the default closing date - Rob


I also would like to be able to turn off the auto filling of the Close date.  We use a different field for expected close date.  I do not understand why you would auto populate a bogus date.  That makes no sense at all.


Same here. Is there a reaction from Hubspot already on this? 


I absolutely agree with this. We would like to leave the Close Date empty by default.


Vote from me as well please. 


This is a no brainer. I don't know why a default close date of the the end of the month makes any sense. 


Yes, our company also would like the option to either shut off the default close date or at least be able to choose our own default timeline.



I would like to be able to select a number of days offset from creation date as the default close date. Any deals created in the second half of the month have the wrong close date by default.


Yes - please let us customize this.  AND - please let us automate the close date such that when it passes, it can automatically be rolled over to the next month.  So is the assumption from Hubspot that a deal that passes it's close date is lost and should just be forgotten?  I guess so.   The amount of holes in this software is incredible.  


I would like to see the close date not to be automatic to the end of the month.  This is not realistic in most sales.  Just yesterday, Feb 28 and the default set it to Feb 28.  Good luck with that!


Each company/industry has different how long it takes a sale to close.  In my world, it is 60 days.


That said, make it a company setting and for the admin to decide what the close date should be. 


Counting on a salesperson to change it each time they open a deal is not realistic and makes this feature worthless for measuring performance.


While this is not a money maker for Hubspot to focus on, but enough of your customers have asked for a change for almost a year now. 


Please help us.


Thank you

Mark Nungesser

Partner/Vice President



It appears as though no-one monitors this forum and if they do, they have a poor idea of customer experience. If there is someone monitoring, they could at the very least post a single response for the 20 or so people who have taken the time to give the same idea over the last year and a half on this thread.  That response could be as simple as, "thanks guys.. that's a good idea. We have it in our plan for the update next month" or "Thanks guys - that's a good idea however we aren't planning to make that change right now."  See? Easy.  Good service.




We would need this function too. It should be possible to define when the default close date should be (in relation to the create date of the deal). For us this would be about 60 days.