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Customize the Tasks Columns

In our company, we use the tasks feature to assign RFQ's/(Deals) to employees. But we do not have the option to customize/edit the columns. We would like to edit the titles and the number of steps in the tasks feature so, we can more accurately show the status of a task.

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In HubSpot CRM, task queue functionality is AWESOME. However, when the sales reps are going through the task queue - they need to be able to add more information/background about the contact/company by adding more columns in the task table. 


Right now - it is locked, and we can only see a defined set of properties that are available in the "Actions, Edit columns" tab - however, the option shown there are quite underwhelming. We would like to be able to add lots of other columns under Tasks.  




Adding the State column to open tasks would be great as well, especially being on the East Coast and having West Coast territories. 


Agreed. To maitain a comprehensive overview of all tasks, customizing the the columns is a necessity! 

Neues Mitglied

I definitely agree to that. We are currently migrating another url and we have challenges with CRM due to this concern on tasks. 

Neues Mitglied

This would be REALLY helpful - and great if we could assign to teams as well as individuals


I use the Tasks page all day, every day. It would be more efficient & useful if you added the following:

1. More useful columns--add to Action to include additional columns from the account (Account name, State/Country, Time zone). I make global phone calls and, when I look at my task list, I can't tell at a glance if a contact is in the mid-west or the Middle East! A work around is to manually type it in the description, but that's a waste of time.

2. Reduce the width of columns so they take up less white space. I can't work on a small laptop with HS because of all the scrolling I have to do to see everything. At least offer the settings option to narrow the columns. Very poor design, IMHO.

3. Include Lead Source as part of the Action types so I can sort that way to prioritize daily calls.







Completely agree. I have tasks I categorize under the different aspects of my job. Don't really care about having a pipeline for them, just want to be able to put them in categorizes and move them to the top if they are the most urgent. Right now I do that on EXCEL. Would be a lot better to do it on HS.


When looking at the task list, it would be helpful if more information about each task could be displayed, especially in the case of a call :


  • Name of the company (useful when several calls in a row can be made to the same company or when you should avoid doing that)
  • Industry
  • Location (to know about timezones, etc.)

The problem would be solved if it was possible to have task properties and copy information from companies/contacts to task properties.



Add DEAL, COMPANY as additional columns on the Task view - since the Task name and Contact name might not be enough to understand the context. This is a standard and well appreciated feature of Pipedrive, which our team just migrated from.


Totally agree. In my case I really need to see companies names in my task list... Currently i have no choice but to write each company's name in each contact's name to make it appear in my task list. This is pretty annoying and absurd ! Hope you'll be able to do something to fix this guys. Thanks in advance !!