Customize the Tasks Columns

In our company, we use the tasks feature to assign RFQ's/(Deals) to employees. But we do not have the option to customize/edit the columns. We would like to edit the titles and the number of steps in the tasks feature so, we can more accurately show the status of a task.

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Or you could also create another Queue filter for any tasks that have no queue assigned.  My main concern is missing daily tasks that are not part of my queues as I typically toggle back and forth on my queues when completeing tasks.

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I like the basic function of the TASK list, but it needs two more areas for viewing. 


With my job, I travel to other states for meetings. To schedule those meetings I make a lot of phone calls to many cities and different states. When I view the task list for whom I need to follow up on, I need to click on the contacts name to see what city or state they are located in. This is very cumbersome and annoying. When I am making 30 to 60 contacts a week it becomes a challenge. 


On the task list, it would extremely helpful that I could see both the city and state. 


Thanks for your time. 


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Please consider adding the "Queue" as a column you can select to view when looking at all of the tasks, and also allow it to be sortable.


I prefer to work through my tasks through the Queue categories I created so I can do like tasks all at the same time.  Howefver, I have found that sometimes I (or people who assign a task to me) forget to select the appropriate Queue field and then tasks get missed.  If I could easily see if a Task is missing a Queue selection that wouldn't happen.

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I agree there needs to be more options that can be added to the Task List.  For me, I don't need City and State, but would like the option to customize it more using properties that are available (such as name, title, etc...) and to be able to have more columns.  

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Specifically, I'd like to be able to see contact and company in my task list.

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Add Company as Seperate association in Tasks. I can have multiple companies and Contacts associated with a task and multiple tasks for a company 

Add Company as seperate column in tasks table (and edit columns)

Allow alphabetical task sort by Company

We currently try to include Co. name in Title (which allows search), but unfortunatly human nature does not enforce a consistant entry or naming convention .

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This is really important for me too. I want both Company AND Contact info - plus the ability to include email and/or phone information. Also Last Activity date. 

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I want both Contact AND Company and phone/email details and Last Activity Date. 

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Def needs enhanced implementation with customizable columns (names & adding columns) Tasks should have same features as Deals. It's already built on the same format. Just extend the same flexibility to tasks. The work is already done. Much more helpful in managing teams and diff workflows

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Preach! Definitely needed.