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Customize the Tasks Columns

In our company, we use the tasks feature to assign RFQ's/(Deals) to employees. But we do not have the option to customize/edit the columns. We would like to edit the titles and the number of steps in the tasks feature so, we can more accurately show the status of a task.

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April 25, 2022 07:59 AM

Hello HubSpot Community, 


You guys have amazing ideas and feedback. I've been reading through your feedback on this thread and it has helped me realized that we have been thinking about solving this problem the wrong way. Over the last few months, we have added several new properties on the task app to help customers organize their task better. To name a few:

  • Contact Email
  • Contact Phone Number
  • Contact Job Title
  • Contact Time Zone
  • Company Domain
  • Target Account Status 
  • Custom Objects

Althought these new properties has helped some of you improve your workflow, we still have more work to do. Simply adding new properties doesn't seem like its the right approach. We need to figure out a way that solves for the broader need. I can not make any promises for when this will take place, but I ask that you continue to be patient with us and contine to provide your feedback. We try our best to solve as many customer problems as we possibly can.


I would love to brainstorm on this topic with some of you. If you are interested in chatting on this topic, please DM so we can get something on the calendar. 


Look forward to chatting with some of you. 



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April 28, 2020 06:59 AM

Hi HubSpot Community,


Thanks for some of the great suggestions for additional columns in Tasks. We're evaluating what some of the most common column types that could be added to the tasks table and will plan to update here if this is something we plan to add to the product. 


Thank you,

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We would like to have a view of account/contact properties in the task view. The main aim is to be able to better sort/organize/prioritize these tasks and create the task lists according to these properties (sortable and filterable).


Could you share with us the best practices?


We hope more custom properties can be added as task columns as sorting them by postcode/zipcode would be a massive help to our workflow and is primarily why we want to use this product.


It would be great to be able to filter the tasks tab in a record to filter out the completed tasks


Adding by request of HubSpot user - 


Please allow the primary company to be used as an alternative to the associated company in the column view. 


Custom properties need to be added, essential for an easier sales journey


These Idea is very helpful in terms of creating a new task and easy to check the task accurately, especially to add in the task bar "Lead Status".


Universal Request (i.e. prospecting calls) to add mobile property field to the editing feature so task bar can show multiple phone numbers with extensions (extensions preferrably viewable as a pop-up window once user hovers over phone number).  Purpose: All sales people who manage their todo prospecting calls for the day want the ability to view all phone numbers associated with contact(s).   Please advise if we can push this up the priority cue and when we can expect.  Thanks!  

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My team would like to be able to see the current lifecycle stage and pipeline so they can prioritize as needed.


I need to be able to see, filter and search on associated companies.