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Customize the Tasks Columns

In our company, we use the tasks feature to assign RFQ's/(Deals) to employees. But we do not have the option to customize/edit the columns. We would like to edit the titles and the number of steps in the tasks feature so, we can more accurately show the status of a task.

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The option to be able to edit/add task columns would be so useful. Current defualt columns are good but very generic and we inparticular would like the option to add further info. 


Come on Hubspot, it can't be that hard to fix this. Asking people to click into each and every person is ridiculous. 


We'd also like the flexibility to configure the columns - our directors have just requested it. 

They want to be able to park tasks under a discuss in meeting column. 

They want to use the waiting column for 'on customer'

and in progress for 'they can do something about it'

Then a parked for meeting column 'for parking things until they can be discussed. 

They are going to use the waiting column for now. 

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Hi HubSpot Community,


Thanks for some of the great suggestions for additional columns in Tasks. We're evaluating what some of the most common column types that could be added to the tasks table and will plan to update here if this is something we plan to add to the product. 


Thank you,

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Agree we would like to see the company name and contact name in the task view. We would also like to be able to customise the task status like you can do for deal or ticket pipelines.


Hi, I asked the help center if it was possible to add a column in the pending tasks section with a property related not to tasks but to "Contacts". They redirected me to the thread.

The idea would be to show the pending tasks including a column with the "Anual Income" property of the company so that you could order the tasks from  high to low company´s income to prioritize the tasks with those companies with high incomes.



Being able to add State/Region as a column would be tremendously helpful to help our sales team identify the right people to call at the right time straight from their task dashboard. 


I'd like to be able to put State as a column in the tasks view.  I'd like to see my tasks / associated company or contact by states so that I can target a state for outreach or call in different time zones when appropriate.  Can you please make this happen?  🙂

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We would like the Possibility to have a column showing City in the Tasks list (when the task is assosiated with a Company)



Per Raknes


The new Tasks menu is pretty slick - but you guys left out the ability to add Email as a column header for tasks related to specific contacts. Needs to be there!




I'd like to be able to add company/contact properties such as Company Name in the Tasks "Edit Columns". Screenshot 2020-11-18 144812.png




Our sales people like to organise their day by working on tasks by deal stage, so they focus on one topic at a time.

One way we thought about would be to display the deal stage as a column in the task table:


So they could sorth them by deal stage.

However, if you have another suggestion, we will take it. 





Hello.  🙂  The task list is not very effective as it is today.  We need the abiltiy to sort on Company Name so all tasks associated with a Company could be completed at one time.  In addition, we would like to be albe to sort on Company Time zone so you could prioritize calls and "follow the sun."  


We would like to see some custom properties we created under 'Company' on 'Task' columns. One of the customer properties we created is "Lead Status" under 'Company' info. Being able to see this on the 'Task' column will allow us to see which task is related to which customer at which lead status.


Absolutely this would be a helpful feature. You can add/edit columns in Contacts view....why wouldnt you be able to do the same thing in Tasks? 


I like the idea of beign able to see the status of contact in tasks column.  One big thing I would like to see as well is a state field added.  I am reaching out from East to West coast, and if I can see the state, city too even, I know then to hold off on calling.  Yes I set my tasks time accordingly to time zone, but when over whelmed and behind on tasks that are overdue, it would be nice to see what state they are in so I am not calling CA at 8am EST.   


Hi community / HubSpot,


Love to 'Tasks' tool. However, I wish I could see the 'Outcome' in the columns.


I cannot select 'Outcome' as a field with the 'Edit Columns' button, unfortunately. It would help me see deals that closed already much faster. 


Who else?




Would be great if we could get the Deal Stage added as a column on the Tasks page. For those who don't use the 'Task Queue' system, it would be handy to quickly identify which deals are in which stage so they can be prioritised over others.


I would like the "association" column to allow me to have the association for a task to be a deal name, not the default company name or contact name.  Alternatively, I would like to be able to add columns for company name, deal name, and contact name in the task list.  This limitation is frustration as my work arounds permeate throughout my system and affect various reporting and other functions.


I just wonder if there has been any progress on this developement?


It would be amazing if we have an option to customize colums of the tasks -  we would love to pull some information from 'about this company' properties to the columns of the tasks