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It will be great to add as many tasks types as possible, not only Call, Email or To-Do

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Other task type: Webinar, Zoom MeetingBildschirmfoto 2021-05-23 um 20.34.44.png


second that!


Upvoting. We should be able to add/edit the task type according to our needs. One of them would be social media ( to connect contact on social media or DM on social media etc).

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My customers with multiple locations using a single portal want to sort tasks by location when a single SDR is servicing multipe locations.  I would use this feature to identify tasks by location. 


After our consultants complete a training session, we use a workflow to create a follow-up task to submit their worklog (we don't get paid until they do).


Yes, it's technically a "To-Do", but I really want the task type to be "Submit Worklog". Then I can report on it.


Seems pretty straightforward to just add the feature to be able to add custom task types. I can't understand why this feature wasn't added yet.


I am trying to identify a way to track escalation issues, so I was thinking I could have tasks assigned to an 'escalation' contact, but I cannot do that without taking up a license.  So I thought I could possibly have tasks assigned to me, but be able to filter by the task type of 'Customer Risk' or something like that.  


I have added a Support ticket but was told this is not possible [HubSpot Ticket #8035077].  


The ability to add Task Types would be most helpful and allow for better utilization of your product.  If I cannot do what I need to with HubSpot, I will have to find another system that will work.  


Please update me on the status of this potential product update.


Thank you.


I believe that something similar like the ability to create a property with a drop-down menu would make sense where we as a business can individually assign categories for tasks, e.g. "Sales Follow-up" etc. that we can use. This is already possible for meetings, where it is possible to individually create a drop-down menu with required meeting types. This would be useful to implement for tasks as well.

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@sjudson Any updates here on the status of this idea? Seems like it's been a global request since 2017. Appreciate any insights


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This would be great particularly for ease of reporting then for management. currently our team use snippets in order to filter the type of tasks but that only works once the task is compleated, not prior. It would be amazing if we could create our own task typles jsut like we can in call type, so we can customise it to our business and industry. 


I also second that. Again another of these extreme usefull and still simple features that competitors have but HubSpot doesn't. In a World with more ways to  communicate to the customer then E-Mail and Call (for example SMS or WhatsApp) and a lot of general to-dos that are used by everyone like Create Quote / set up a meeting etc. this seems so outdated and limited to just have the 3 options To Do / Email / Call. Honestly how it currently is this is stone age level of sales task management and not "Sales Software on a Enterprise Level!" what HubSpot claims...

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Yes, we need this. It makes it diifcult to migrate from pipedrive to hubspot when a clients activities (tasks) cannot be matched up. That makes it a barrier to brining hubspot new clients. Would definitely reccomend fixing this.


This seems super basic. All we really want is to be able to customize our own task types. I would love to see an email type as well. We can already do this for calls and meetings...

In my scenario, we want to be able to track how many escalations a rep makes over a given time period. An escalation could be a call or email. I know there is already a customizable "call type" property, but it's kind of useless if I can't track email types as well. One workaround would be to have a custom task type, but that's also currently not possible.


The ability to add custom tasks relating to our business in settings would be great. This really does seem like a simple CRM thing that Hubspot is missing.   I just have a whole heap of tasks with little to differentiate them from each other.

Schedule Demo
Send LinkedIn mail
etc etc


I would at least need a type of 

Demo or Consultation completed


This should be custom like you have for meeting types.  




Being new to Hubspot but pretty fluent in quite a few different CRMs this is my first MAJOR aha-moment!
Until I found this very thread I could not belive, that this is not there.

My point of view: A "To-Do" is super generic for the user having, well, to do something. Which means, that one MUST describe the task in the details text.

As soon as we have more meaningful task types (like in every other CRM I ever saw btw) people will setup dedicated task types for the most common tasks.
Which is different for different companies. We already saw a bunch of examples.


Thinking just a little bit more ahead, sorting by task type makes tremendous sense.

Just think about how effective it would be to get a report of all tasks with the type "send demo package" due this week, when I jump into my parcel-packing-ninja-costume and running over to the warehouse.


Agreed! This solution would massively help us- we'd like to add parameters such as 'check delivery received', 'prompt invoice reminder' etc. 


Task types are must required so that we can get reports on specific task types only


Many reassonable arguments for this feature to have been already put in place

I also subscribe:

"This request seems so straight forward.  We can't seem to get the kpi's we need out of the crm for tasks without this feature "


"Woah. Can't believe this isn't a feature.

I'd like to use this field to keep track of the tasks in our sales process

For example, I would add the following task types:

  • Product Demo
  • Produce Assessment Report
  • Send Proposal
  • etc.

... and keep track of/report out on how many of these activities are taking place."


Depending on the department activity, there are more speiffic type of tasks, so tracking them, filtering them and measuring task managenment and activity reports, is critical to have this in place. 🙂

Should have been already a default feature, since 2017 ......  2021.


Great idea - it would be so much more useful to have Types that extend to "Follow Up Quote" or "R&D task" or "Social Media" connect etc.  Email and Call are fine but ways of contacting in 2021 as far exceeded just those 2 types. Also the To Do needs to be broken down into some more specific items